2022 Destash-Along

It’s cloudy, dang it!

I ordered most of these from Aliexpress but the best rainbow throwers are from a high-end crystal shop. I feel like I can’t possible have too many of them so I’ll be putting one very good quality crystal on my yearly wish list for family to give me. They always ask what I want & I never had a good answer before now.
I even made some little ones into earring.

I told @Pigeon I’m “crystal rainbow woman” now, she was not supportive of that name change :smile:


Sorry, dude, you’ll always be Magpie in our house. Lol
(Fun note: that’s an exalted penny in those wings ha!)


I love it, look at that face! My Precccciiioooouuussss pennnnnnyyyy! LOL!


I had no idea they were large like that! WOW!

No more name changes, but you can use it as an AKA with your other previous name! They all fit, but I think your current one is the most beloved and befitting!

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I just destashed this incredible piece of fabric to a friend of Rob’s.

I’ve had it for decades, it has history for me & is beyond special. But it’s doing nothing for me folded up in the closet.
It was made in Isfahan Iran, hand spun, woven & printed. He’s Persian, I think he will be very surprised to receive it.


That is a wonderful gift…I have a gorgeous blue and white tablecloth from Greece that sits in a packing box…I know a Greek family that might be interested in it and will use it. We just don’t use tablecloths unless they are specific holiday ones.


That’s amazing.

June is just around the corner! Let’s see what stash we can bust before the second half of 2022!

Color: Rainbow
Pattern: Geometrics
For: Celebrations
Challenge: Rainbows seem like the sky is celebrating! Bring that natural joy to a gathering or milestone in your life or the life someone you care about. Baked goods, serving pieces, banners/buntings, flags, tabletop décor, door décor, greeting cards, gift wrap, signs for windows (home, work, car, camper…), jewelry, etc.


Luckily I have more crystals, lol.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Rainbow on!

Daughter has decided she’s over dollhouse minis so most of the big, huge collection I “destashed” to her a few years ago is headed to the thrift store.

I did stuff a few cute things into the tchotchke sheves.

And some more select items will get mailed to a few lucky peeps.
I feel good about letting this stuff go…


There will be some happy shoppers at the thrift store!

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…miniatures??? :heart_eyes: (Is that a grandfather clock?)

It is, it’s rough though. I could knock something better together with cardboard.

Yeah, I keep looking at the grandfather clock options online & they’re all pretty sad. Phoey.

I didn’t use them all but these felt cut outs have been in my stash for maybe 2 decades.


Some stash has been used!

Some 1x2s & red oxide paint for this beast:

Had stashed the vintage table runner a few years ago & had the ric rac on hand. Same for threads, floss, and beads.

The mirror was stored in our shop for years:

Flour sack towels & 3 of 4 HTV:

All stash!

Wood button “feet” and papers & embellishments.


All the papers:


Another destash project! The wood and the sawtooth hangers. And used up the last of the construction adhesive!


Next month stuff! JULY
Color: Red
Pattern: Dots & Spots
For: Shelter
Challenge: Umbrellas and parasols, awnings/canopies/flies, hats & visors, cozies/coozies, shades & screens, slipcovers. Covers for critters, your cuppa, the corn-on-the-cob at the company picnic! Also anything that could be donated to human and animal shelters & rescues, immigrant & refugee support organizations, natural disaster assistance, reintegration programs, any group that helps provide physical, mental, emotional shelter to any who are in need.


Ahh, July is a House is a House for Me! With a love your community twist. Love that book.

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