2022 Mend and maintain-along

So far I have mended 8 things from the pile and “processed” another by moving it to the laundry first. :slight_smile:
This daily challenge is definitely helping me to just get it done.


You are so inspiring! I have zero comfy pants to change into when I get home, all the swants I made are holey. The mending pile is right beside the bed, I just ignore that sucker every day! I gotta fix some stuff, my laziness is keeping my legs from comfy after-work relaxation. The injustice of the thing, ugh.


Where are the holes, can you mend them while wearing them? lol

I double dog dare ya!

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Literally everywhere. Yoga’s been combined with everything else, why not sewing? Lol


Haha! I was hoping one had just like a knee or something. Figured you’d at least have one then.

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Very inspiring!

I let the mending pile sap so much energy from me with feeling twinges of guilt for not repairing them! Most of the mends are simple…

My game will be…mend a thing, start a new project. That would motivate me…

I shortened the sleeves of many of my PJ tops so now I need to take in the waists of the bottoms or at least put in a drawstring or tighter elastic. I’ll start there and aim to get three pairs done by the weekend!


The little tree skirt for the Irreverent Tree has had failing fasteners since shortly after I cobbled them together! That gold elastic was a PITA!


Then just this week I received a suprise box of notions from my cousin that came with these fancy hook and eyes which I immediately put to use mending the skirt. WOOT!



Perfect! Huzzah surprise notions!

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How’s the malasana mending pose going? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Torn rotator cuff says no :confounded:

Bah humbug!

You’re doing great! I didn’t realise you went back and filled in all those days.

I sort of crafted using the december prompt:

A bit of previous prompts too. A couple weeks ago I tossed a moth nibbled cardigan into the hot wash (on purpose). Today I used a ginger bread cutter as a guide to cut out two heart shapes, and then stitched them together. I used the buttoned up front for extra flair.

Bonus sacrifice, I cut up a very worn sock to hold a bunch of lavender in the heart:

It’s wonky, but kind of festive I think.


Definitely festive, I love it!


I mended our linen sheets yesterday. They only last so long and with my wiggly feet, I wear out a patch every time. I poked a foot through a couple of days ago.
Patching soft thin linen is an art. Especially since it’s just close enough to the corner gathered area to fight back and I have to go out quite a bit from the hole. But I managed to use iron on interfacing to secure the hole, sew a larger piece over the hole, and do extra stitching around the hold. I now have a 2.5 x 2 foot piece of extra fabric at my feet. And yes, making sure we turn the sheet top to bottom frequently would help…but it’s hard to see until the fabric gets thin. And we tend to have only one set at a time…they are expensive!
We will replace the sheets before summer when the cool linen is most needed, but for now we have a respite from holey sheets. Then I’ll have extra linen fabric to sew with. The top sheet is usually in good condition and parts of the bottom will be useable as well.
I’d post a picture, but the bed is already made and slept in, and it’s not a pretty patch. Here, this will do.


My sheets have tags that say “top or bottom”…I mark the tag to let me know which should go on top so that I rotate them…I have done a similar repair with iron interfacing, but, by summer, I am also going to need new sheets…seems they wear out just when they get to that perfect softness!


I pulled two items from the mending pile today. I want to fix them so I can wear them again, but they’ve been sitting for a while.

My first ever lace project, and also my wedding shawl. I was pretty sure I had leftover yarn somewhere but couldn’t find it. It finally reappeared in my box of felting wool. Yeah, I have no idea either.

One of my favourite shawls, but I’m not sure how to manage an attractive mend on this dense stockinette stitch. I have some leftover yarn, so that part is not a problem.

Wish me luck!


Our music director has a long swearer coat she wears all winter long with a 2 inch hole in the back. I’ve offered to mend i but she says it was there when she got it as a hand me down and isn’t interested. :astonished: drives me bonkers. :laughing:


Time to Vote in the Green Holiday “Greens” Challenge!

And this year’s Bake Off!

just managed my first mend of the new year. A destroyed neck pillow. I ordered new ones also, but they’ll be awhile in shipping and Himself needs it to sleep.


New year, new thread: 2023 Sustainable mend and maintain-along ♻️

Come on over :slight_smile: