2022 Mend and maintain-along

OMG girl, you must really love those socks! They are more darn than original at this point, lol.


Hey! I found you guys (only a month in)! I had these wool dryer balls that were in sad need of repair! I received them in a C*ster swap oh… 10+ years ago. Frugal Living swap, maybe? Anyways, yesterday I crocheted them new wool covers!

Don’t they look so handsome in their little wool jackets? Already starting to felt up after one wash cycle!


That’s my plan with my sad unraveling balls too! Looks great!

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Ooh, that is an excellent idea!


They do! So swank!


I just updated/mended a “gimme” sweater from my last job. We had tons of awesome swag but I’m not too keen on advertising for the company…

I first tried to pick out the machine embroidery logo which I accidentally turned into holes.


So I crocheted some circles and sewed them on. Its black on black so hard to see, so i adjusted the exposure on the photos to make them easier to see.

ETA a shot of it on…


Excellent “save”! It’s always just a bit of a bummer when a cool piece is company-branded, isn’t it?


Fixed Rob’s old/my new work bag!

Sewed a hanging loop on this wrap/robe

Mended a hole in a sweater elbow, that required some crochet hooking to reknit & a few stitches with a bit of yellow wool.


YES! it sucks. I have tons of stuff from when I worked at Disney that is not related directly to my job so I was able to keep using those.

I wish more companies would think about re-usability instead of glaring logos.


I have a friend who used to work for a BIG microchip company, ahem, (in fact, I know a lot of people who have worked there, because they have a big presence in my hometown) and they had a rule that employees were not allowed to donate swag to Goodwill or wherever. They had big bins in their big building for returning unwanted or worn out stuff. Presumably they didn’t want poor people wearing their logo. SO GROSS. And they acted like they were doing their employees such a big favor to give them a branded fleece or water bottle. Often they were good quality, but kind of ruined by the logo.


Oh that sucks! I always get around the water bottle thing with stickers. Vendor i didn’t like gave us nice Yeti coffee mugs… I put a yeti sticker over their logo :slight_smile:


Yeah, she just donated hers. How will they even know? I sewed a patch bought from a maker over an embroidered logo for TheMisterT and have had my eye out for another. Of course, this former employer makes theirs HUGE. At least this one is navy thread on a navy sweatshirt. He got a nice Hydroflask with the logo - etched into the metal! The sticker I made does a poor job. Sigh.


Somehow my kids think shirts branded with my work logo are cool. I don’t get it. I pick names off my clothes too, company logos, brand names, I cut off tags etc. I’ve had to do a few repairs, lol. Your crochet circle solution is cute.

Fixed more holes. I like this way of highlighting rather than covering up.

Linen is not good for bedding. This duvet cover isn’t even a year old! Sigh. I’ll salvage what I can.


Oh! Good to know. Was looking at a linen duvet cover to replace the super soft cotton one we have that is shredding.

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We found the same with sheets, I have a pair in the scrap fabric bin already. Maybe if it’s a very tight weave/high thread count, I dunno, how does linen work? Not as well as cotton in any case. Such a shame because they are pure luxury to sleep on.

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That’s upsetting-- I just saw someone else complain about year-old linen sheets dying recently. They ought to be hard-wearing and last for ages, but I guess there are a bunch of inferior versions out there. :cry:

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I don’t get a ton of swag from work but when I do it’s usually really good quality.
One year I got a super nice Wenger SwissGear backpack - giant company logo of course.

but one of my cats LOVES backpacks and whenever friends come over he makes a beeline for their backpacks. So now my super fancy backpack is a cat bed.


BAHAHAHAAAAAAA! That’s awesome!

This reminds me: about 20 years ago I was given a black fleece vest with a white logo by a consulting firm doing work for the company I worked for. So I just colored the white threads with a black sharpie! I still have that vest, but TheMisterT has taken it over for running. The sharpie has faded a bit with time and laundering, but it’s still WAY more subtle.


Linen needs some care in handling/washing apparently. Careful with the the tumble drier, for example.

We have linen duvet covers and pillowcases that are holding up well.

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We’ve gone through several sets of linen sheets. We wear out the bottom sheet, but the top sheet is in pretty good shape. But I figure it’s a bonus, I have a large piece of linen to use for other projects, and the edges of the bottom sheet are still useful for smaller things like extra pillowcases, bags, crafts, etc. It’s usually the foot area that just gets too thin.