2022 Reading Stats Journal

My one goal for 2022 was to “read more.” That is admittedly pretty nebulous, and by the end of the year I had ended up reading 100 books (for context I had read 17 the year before).

I started out the first half of the year making kind of collagey journal spreads to document my reading, but by the time came to start a new journal I had become bored with the process. At that point I decided I was much more interested in tracking stats and reading challenges. I did some brief reviews in my daily planner for most of my books, but at the end of the year I brought it all together for a giant tally of statistics. So here we are with the Yearly Wrap Up!

I had started out in July with a few basic pages that I kept up with for the coming months.

And then the end-of-year wrap up, including…

The List. Also a Book Bracket, which it turns out is a horrible way to choose a best book for the year.

Little thumbnails of all the book covers I’d read throughout the year grouped by my rating for the book. I give all books a 4 by default, just for the record.

Shelfie and Sources

Statistics! Also movies and TV shows, because why not.

And then just for fun, since I was on a roll with statistics and charts, I put all my sewing/destash stats for the year.

So there it is! I have plenty of space left in this journal and lots of stickers and washi tape, so I expect I’ll be doing this again next December/January.


Beautiful! I especially love the shelfie pages. :slight_smile:

This is great, I’m so impressed that you kept it up for the whole year.

I am just so impressed with the statistics you kept in such an orderly and pretty way…so visual!

Talk about showing the sheer number of books you read in such a way…a major accomplishment and such a worthy one as well…wow.

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These pages are inspiring! Did you use templates or make it up? The book bracket - I’m in love. I adore making lists. This sings to my heart!


Great record of your literary adventures! I love how you’ve come up with so many statistics for your reading. Very cool!

I love this so, so much! I am so enamored by reading journals even though I am never going to be able to do one. Yours is swoony!

This is just WOW! So cool! Love the little book thumbnails. Looks like your “best” book is also one of mine…excellent choice. Congrats on 100 books, that’s amazing. And what a fun way to get motivated to read more!

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This is amazing. I’d love to do something like this but I honestly don’t think I could to it justice. I’d probably conk out after a few months. Which makes your journal all the more stunning to me!! :heart:

@gozer - Thanks! No templates, but I mocked up a bunch of things with a cheap dot-grid notebook. That way I could cut things out and move them around the page until I found an efficient layout.

@Abbeeroad A neighbor recommended it, and it was so good! I’ve bought a couple copies so I can give them as gifts to the unsuspecting.