2023 ATCs (the year so far)

Hi there! I haven’t been too active here lately, and as far as I can tell haven’t really posted my ATCs for this year so far anywhere but (some) in the nerd games, so here they are!

I’ve mostly been trading with coworkers lately. I started a Slack channel for ATC trading and even though most people hadn’t even heard of Artist Trading Cards, our little trade community is slowing growing with a bunch of fun and talented members!

The first card I made this year was this orca back in March:

This one, like with many others I make, includes part of a masterboard I received from a swap on this site!

Next came this axolotl:

My next claim was for the theme Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I made a card of my own favorite, and found out when I delivered it that he’s the recipient’s favorite as well!

The pizza is drawn with Posca markers, and the face is cut out of colored paper.

This one’s a collage of Charjabug, a Pokémon:

I had actually started this collage sometime last year, then forgot about it until I saw Charjabug specifically listed in a coworker’s theme list, so I just had to claim it! Very impressed with myself that I was able to actually find the half finished pieces, too!

And here’s a card for the theme of Cats and Soup:

It’s a phone game that I played myself a tiny bit before it got too repetitive for me. I booted mine up for the first time in ages to get a screenshot to base my drawing off of.

Two of the most recent ATCs I’ve made were with a brand new-to-me technique, so I think I’ll give them their own post.


These are all great but I love Michelangelo (who doesn’t?!) with the pizza!


I love all of these! The orca one is my favourite!


All so cool! Can’t pick a favorite… I love that you were able to stir up interest in ATCs at your workplace.


These are so varied! And so absolutely fabulous! My favorite is the cats & soup even though I haven’t played the game. I love the contrast of the colored pencils and white outlines with black outlines around them on the textured background. Super cool. Thanks for sharing!

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I love all of these but my favorite has to be the axolotl!


These all came out really nice! I love that you used swapped for master boards for backgrounds, they add a lot of visual interest and work really well with your drawings! I thought cats and soup was a really random theme, so thanks for explaining that it’s a game :laughing:.


These are great! That killer whale is fantastic. I love the shading and great use of the masterboard. I can’t wait to see more!


So cute. Awesome you have a work group that will trade ATCs. I briefly played Cats and Soup. My Nieces introduced it to me.

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