2023 DeStash-Along


Color: Green

Pattern: Holes (lace? Grommets? Beads? Interpret this how you will.)

For: Use out of doors - interpret this as loosely or as strictly as you like. Maybe you can make something to decorate your garden, to tidy your shed, or travel with you in your car.

Challenge: Finish up a languishing Work In Progress. Or decide to finally consign it to oblivion and repurpose the supplies for something else fabulous. Just because it seemed like a good idea when you started it doesn’t mean that your vision or tastes haven’t changed in the meantime. Let go of the guilt, or make the final push so you can have something fabulous to enjoy!

Bonus Challenge: We just finished up the first quarter. How are your destash goals doing? Do you need to buckle down or are you feeling pretty good with how the year’s going so far? Is there any “invisible” progress to be proud of?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You’ll get there! Some day!


Awww, man! I have the PERFECT fabric for this - a shamrock green eyelet! But a full schedule for the next few months.


This is playing to a piece of green patterned fabric I have. I’ve been looking at it and trying to decide what to do with…


There are 2 shades of green on the storage project I finished today. Almost everything was from stash, so happy to have used up that canvas I was never going to use to make sitting on the shelf style baskets, which is what I bought it for covid many years ago, lol.


Oh, hey there.

All you crafty craftalongers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?


Popping in with my March stats for accountability:

I sewed 21 doll dresses, consuming 1 yard + 6 inches of fabric. In fact, I used up 9 of those fabrics completely (most had started out as scraps). I also used up 3 full sheets of stickers, two half sheets, a bunch of sticker flakes, and 1 ink sample (2 oz. vial).

That brings my total for the first quarter to 45 doll dresses sewn, 1 doll sweater knit, and about 2 1/2 yards of fabrics consumed (with 13 fabrics used up completely). On the stationery side I used up 13 stickii sticker sheets, 2 half size sheets, three sample vials of ink (plus another given away), and one ink cartridge. It barely put a dent in my stash but I’ll take it!

The problem is that I’m really bad at taking pictures of my finished items since I’m usually done late at night and moving on to the next thing quickly. So I need to work on that… Maybe I’ll find something for the Peek Behind the Curtains Challenge!

My biggest accomplishments from the first quarter were completing my fabric and stationery inventory spreadsheets, which really put the stash into perspective. My goals for the next couple months are weeding and finding new homes for fabrics that no longer fit my needs, and getting a handle on my yarn stash (inventory and a grand reckoning of the fact that I’m not knitting much these days). I’ll also be continuing my exploration of Blythe sewing patterns and continuing to sew scads of other doll dresses - but maybe I can concentrate on some of the larger sizes for more noticeable stash-down progress?

That was a lot of text. Here’s a picture instead


Gave away a big bag of yarn this weekend. Realized a while ago … I am just not a knitter. I love fiber, and the process, and the tools … but actually knitting? No. LOL! So I am giving away all my knitting stuff to local pals. I had a bag of misc yarn, not enough of anything for a major project, but a gal in my buy nothing group was making crafts with kids & my bag o’ yarn was perfect! So now my crafting space, and $, is focused on sewing & embroidery. :wink:


Things got so much calmer in my crafting spaces once I honed in on a few crafts rather than trying to keep supplies on hand for everything that strikes my fancy. Originally that was fabric, yarn, and a defined container for decorative paper. But over the past few years I have discovered that I am a social knitter and since my knitting group petered out over the pandemic I don’t have much inclination to knit solo. There’s going to be a great purge of yarn although I don’t plan to get rid of everything.


You doll dresses are so tiny and perfect, @Trillian.

I sometimes wish I could focus on just a few crafts, but every time I’ve tried that, I rediscover a love for something old or find something entirely new. Must be the way I’m wired… temporarily obsessed, then on to something else, repeat. Cyclical interest? :person_shrugging:

I did, however, just get rid of a kitchen bag full of fabric scraps that will never get used and are probably of no interest to anyone else. Moving all my craft stuff to the basement will probably entail a decent purge.


Nooooo! All I can think of are all the precious bitty bits of batik, waaahhh :sob:


Lol, none of that! No, this was bits of clothing scraps too small for the rag bin, little pieces of fleece and batting, fabric that shed glitter… Nothing I could really use for scrap quilts or clothing. No quilting fabrics were harmed in the destash!


lol We all have to be on the look out when we destash for “certain” people who would snatch up even the smallest pieces…ha ha ha…I think of these “certain” people with much guilt and trepidation each time I toss a piece in the garbage…hey, if it is smaller than my thumb, it is going out!


You guys, my heart :broken_heart: I can not even.


lol You know I keep a lot more with you in mind!!! I just know you will know if I throw out anything “good”…ha ha ha…love your scrappy saving self… :kissing_heart:

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YES, PLEASE! Your tiny, gorgeous dresses deserve their own thread!!!


I recently came to the realization that I will not likely be able to eliminate any type of craft from my repertoire or its supplies from my stash, but for some reason I am able to decide not to add any totally new crafts. No more new jewelry stuff - I just don’t do it, but I will commit to a couple projects to use what I have over the next couple of years and then purge. But it’s OK to deepen and expand on the crafts I already do using tools I already have - like doing more HTV with my Cricut. It’s not a solution for a lot of people, but it feels like a breakthrough for me!


Yes, i am diving deeper into embroidery than ever before, and really enjoying exploring things i never thought i could do. Learning not only new stitching techniques, but the use of different tools & supplies. It feels good to let go of something where I was never “good enough” - and i don’t mean anyone was judging me, but more like my own body never got comfortable enough to let me get better at it. I have been knitting for decades but always had to look up how to purl left-handed continental! :rofl:


Cyclical interest is exactly how I roll too! I have basic supplies for probably 15 different crafts, but am only into a couple of them at a time.

I feel like I’ve been pretty successful keeping to only purchasing supplies for the craft I’m currently doing, and my newest push is to be stricter about not buying new supplies until I actually get to the step where it’s required. Example from literally this morning - I theoretically want to make a knit wrap dress, which I need test fabric for, before I make it in my nice fabric. But I’m not allowed to buy it until I have the pattern traced and ready to go, because chances are I’ll get distracted before that point.


That’s a great way to do it!

I always find that I get really caught up in the research/shopping stage for larger projects (just about everything is large to me) and then lose steam when it comes time to actually craft. Your strategy seems like a good way to keep the momentum going.