2023 DeStash-Along

I would have snatched up the Caron Simply Soft in one swoop…you are a stronger person than I…


I would have totally scooped it up. That kind of yarn is great for my charity hats I make for our city’s unhoused population. Won’t shrink if it gets wet.

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All I’ve wanted to knit this year are washcloths and doll sweaters. This hasn’t been great for destashing because I didn’t start the year with any cotton yarn in stash, and doll sweaters use about a quarter of a ball of sock yarn. That’s not going to put a dent in things any time soon.

Anywho, here’s the latest nonsense - the pattern was for a completely different size doll but I had fingering weight yarn and a mystery sock needle on hand instead of any of the materials/tools called for. Love the way it turned out.


I do as well! The colors work well together and I like the wee cuffs.

Probably should have gone down a size for the ribbing there but I only brought the one needle size with me on vacation. Living lazily dangerously!


OK! This one feels more like a “real” destash! I had a ramp that was built from scrap lumber to move a big tablesaw from Oregon to Montana last autumn. It’s 11.5’ long and 19" wide and must weigh over 100 pounds. A few changes and additions and now it’s a ramp for our aging dog to get up and down the deck stairs!

I also destashed some 1x8 boards for this. Used paint and primer on hand, as well as screws and staples. The only thing I bought was the outdoor carpet for traction. WOO!


Awww. Heck yeah for destashing for a good doggo!

It looks great, and I bet it makes her life easier.

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Oh she must love that.

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This is great!! Old Teddie-Dog here would like to petition to move to your house but I said no. So maybe I can figure out something similar here for her. Good on you!!


Thanks, everyone! She’s getting used to it, but I think she’ll adjust pretty quickly since she did for her bed ramp and her sofa stool.


The things we do for our animals! Nice repurpose to help your dog. I have a stack of boxes setup to help my old cat into the window.

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My iron exploded last night (well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but there was a pop and blue sparks) so no sewing for me for a while! Have ordered a nearly exact duplicate but it will be a while before it comes in.


@Trillian Oh, dear! I’m glad no one other than the iron was hurt!

I destashed a bunch of astroturf and some nylon gingham this week! As well as buying and using every inch of cotton print gingham so as to it never enters stash, not even a little! WOO!





Color: Metallics
Pattern: Celestial
For: Your Work Space.
Challenge: Make a lot of one single thing. It’s always fun to see how the same item looks made with different colors/patterns/materials. And if you squirrel them away now they’ll be ready for gift giving when the end-of-the-year crunch time comes!


Dare one ask what purpose these astro-turf tables will be put to?

HA! They have their own post; we hosted TheMisterT’s work team for a BBQ and needed the table space. They worked out very well, were quite comfortable and the turf makes the tables feel not-at-all like a plastic topped folding table.

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Hahaha, my next project is definitely going to be “a lot of a single thing”. The timing is too perfect :rofl:

So is mine! A few swaps I am in also require multiple items…lol…

I guess I managed a lot of single thing with all the faux postage stamp embellishments I made with my Halloween cardstock stash!