2023 DeStash-Along

December Themes

Color: Your Favorite (whatever that may be)
Pattern: Winter or the Holidays
For: Gift Giving
Challenge: Every crafter is working down to the wire at this time of year. Just keep on trucking!
Bonus Challenge: We made it! A full year of DeStashing! How do you feel? Did you learn anything about yourself, your crafting practices, or supply preference along the way? What do you feel your biggest accomplishment is? How has your stash changed from its starting point way back in January?


I am coming out of lurking to ask a question of our Potter heads. I have some red leather-look vinyl from my gran’s stash that I have been waiting to use for years and I FINALLY got my cousin in the family secret santa.

She loves to travel, so I have been planning a travel wallet for her and found this button (also from my gran’s stash) for the closure.

Does it look like it could be the Gryffindor lion?


At first glance it did but then looking properly at it no- HOWEVER it definitely works for a wizarding world item because it’s like a duck unicorn lion hybrid and that’s got some serious Newt Scamander vibes. You could definitely run with it. Especially on a travel wallet.


I feel “lighter” now that I have removed things out of my crafting room that I know I probably will never make or use. This included a hand held sewing machine that my brother keeps getting me every few Christmases because he sees them on infomercials! I already have three regular sewing machines so the hand held ones are not for me.

I also got rid of some wooden things that I will never paint. Tons of notepads (I am obsesses with them) …empty boxes that will never become shrines…

I am hoping that in December, I will get rid of a lot more fabric and yarn…mostly by making things for a huge charity drive my knitting and sewing groups are doing for January.


Today I destash a loom, weaving tools, so much yarn, wooden lamp bases, etc to my stepmama. The rest of a big truck load will be donated. We’ll finally have our porch back! It’s been crammed with that stuff for weeks now.


It looks like a chimera to me - head of a goat, body of a lion, tail of a dragon/serpent. Either way, I think it definitely has the medieval vibe that HP cultivates and it looks really cool.


I have weeded and consolidated my ribbon and trim down to one box! Honestly I could probably go further but I’m feeling pretty good for right now.

This month’s pile for the creative reuse store grows ever larger.

Edit: also made some major inroads in my scrapbook paper stash. Gathered all the scraps for a coworker who art journals (a yearly ritual for me at this point), cut down sheets for packaging, etc. And now that part of the stash fits back in its allotted space.


@AntBee, @tendstowardschaos - thanks for the input. I have a bunch of different buttons, a knight on a horse a shield, a stag. I will do a selection.


One fewer scrap in the Christmas fabric bucket!

And now for November stats: two skeins of yarn used up in two different projects, 18 dresses sewn consuming .9 yards of fabrics, one roll of washi tape down, and one fewer sheet of stickers in stash. Not too bad for being out of town for half the month!


Those are adorable!

I used up most of the Noro yarn I have left on this name bunting for one of my nieces; her birthday is next month! I only have about a 1/3 of a ball left.


Last sewing project of the year, even though it’s from just before Christmas.

Admin note: if folks are interested in continuing the DeStashAling next year I will set up the 2024 thread tomorrow.


I love the Destash Along!

Here are some of my more stash heavy projects lately:




I hope to join next year as using up stash is one of my 2024 goals!


I also need to destash more and want to be more active in all the -alongs and boards.

I made these stackable Christmas trees all from stash - I had all the kids fave colours in yarn, the cardboard in the cracker was pieces of empty wrapping paper roll, the snaps have been in my miscellaneous drawer forever and the wrapping paper I used on the outside was too thin for wrapping, so had also been hanging around for ages.


Those trees were quite clever and fun!

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My stash is overflowing, so it’s time to whittle it down a bit. I’m pretty confident that I can just work from stash this year, with a few small exceptions.


I’m in a similar place. Not quite overflowing any more, but definitely out-sized for the space I wish to allot to it. I’m pleased with what I managed to move through in 2023 and I’m spending some of today handling all the supplies to get ideas for how to use them or if I even want to. Anything that I can’t imagine a project I want to make of it will be rehomed. I keep the stash in the main area of the house and the house wants more breathing room.


Same! I didn’t participate very much in the DeStash along, but I followed along looking at everyone’s projects - very inspirational.


2024 is up! Prompts to come as soon as I get my act together.

Generally we leave this thread active for the first week of the year in case anyone needs to add some last minute 2023 projects, but new business will move over to the 2024 thread