2023 DeStash-Along

It’s this:

I’m using up the last of my Sugar n Creme yarns. Going forward I’ll buy specific quantities to make chosen patterns. If I ever lift my embargo, that is. Haha.
I’m not adding the fringe for this one, I feel like that’s just asking for an old yogurt crunch border while the Kidlet is still young and sloppy.


Thanks! I have one big ball of SC yarn as well…it is an odd blue, but will be perfect for outdoors…that stitch will show up nicely with the plain yarn. I have just got to get more G hooks…they are all in WIP baskets and bags! ha ha


May Themes

https: //flic.kr/p/8nyNG7

Color: Blue
Pattern: Honeycomb
For: Our Animal Friends - pets, shelter animals, forest friends, they’re all fair game!
Challenge: Have a supply that’s really cool, but you just don’t know what to make with it? Ask the Hive Mind in this thread! We’re sure to have ideas that will at least give you a bump start.


woo hoo–Using up my last ball of SC yarn to make some outdoor use placemats! They are blue!


@AIMR That placemat pattern seems to be contagious! Too bad I have finished up all my SC yarn.

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This is the last of it…I tried to give it away but no one took me up on it…it was in the donation pile until @antbee posted that she was making placemats with the pattern link…I think I have enough to do the four I need…I am going to see if I have anything else that might work as a stripe as well…crocheting all four blue will be just too boring otherwise! ha


That’s the last of the Lily!
(Please excuse the lack of blocking!)


Fantastic! Turned out a good size and pretty, too!


Thank you! Kidlet loves it so I’m calling it a win.

Now to figure out if i can make more from the very fine cotton or if that is a waste of such soft yarns. Hmmm…


I have a bunch of small skeins of very soft cotton as well…I had originally got them to make crochet mandalas, but, after making a few, I am so over them. Then, I bought some patterns to make a cute crochet bunting…it was owls…if I can find the pattern, I might make that still. Of course, there are all sorts of cute birds and other crochet ornaments as well…just need 72 hours a day, that’s all.


I managed to find two more colors but not enough to do wider stripes for the placemat.

I think it’s a little too small. I want a total of four so not sure if I have enough to redo this one (well, hopefully make another four and use this one as a mat somewhere else…).


@AIMR - would adding a border be enough to bring it up to the size you want?


After I posted, I thought about doing that as well…since it is usually just me and my husband eating out on the patio, it doesn’t matter if all of the placemats match exactly. The size is also fine since I just wanted something to be able to lay down silverware and a glass without being on the table itself.

I am almost done with the second one and swear that yarn multiplies itself…it doesn’t seem like the big blue ball is going down at all!!!

Second one done and just right!

Ugh…going to start a third but also something else…this is a good project to do when I am tired and just want to watch a show but still keep my hands busy.


In the spirit of getting my new craft space organized, I went and got identical totes (airtight to prevent moths) for my yarn and fiber. I have a problem. :joy:

They’re separated into 4 categories:

  • fiber to spin (that box is a sweater’s worth of Gotland, in time-out for having moths)
  • handspun yarn
  • fine yarns (lace through sport weight)
  • mid to heavy (DK and up)

And the local yarn crawl starts in a week and a half. :joy::sob: I do need a few skeins of fingering weight yarn - to pair with some stashed yarns - for the next sweater in my queue, though.


@tendstowardschaos That looks like four boxes of happiness, not a problem! Aren’t matching totes wonderful? (sigh… someday…)

Finally ran my April DeStash Stats: 5 sheets of Stickii Club stickers, 3 half sheets, 1 vinyl sticker (started a new journal, also technically from stash), 1 ink sample vial (2 ml), 19 dresses made (17 in my usual style, 2 using a purchased pattern) consuming just under 1 yard of fabric, and four fabrics have been reduced to the “too small for doll dresses” scrap basket. I bought 2 balls of yarn but those were finished within a week so that’s a stash neutral acquisition. But I got 16 new ink samples for my birthday, which did grow that particular stash niche a bit.


Your inventory management is amazing. Seriously, having ADHD, people with your skill look like wizards to me. :exploding_head:

As to my fiber stash, it looks like a big pile of stuff to do. :joy: Fun stuff, but, still… I have to find time to play with it.

I justified the totes because I needed a few to store clothes outgrown by one child and not big enough for the younger of the two…those don’t need to match or be airtight. So, I used the new ones for the fiber and the old ones (that my fiber previously occupied) for the clothes.


I’ve done a few all stash projects over the last few weeks. YEY!

Another Make-a-wish Matchbox

Xmas cards

Random tags

Plate of Brownees

Underpants Pennant Bunting

Barkcloth throw pillow cover

Easter decoration update/upgrade

Gift bags

Cake topper

Little Oven box card

And some partly stash, too!

Life Preserver decoration: I had to get more air-dry clay, but only used the tiniest bit.

Dog Stool: Only the woven mat on top and the silicone adhesive/sealer were purchased

Update light fixtures:
Flush mount: Had glass shade and paint; bought used shade holder
Pendant: Had canopy, shade, paint, wire, collar, loops; bought socket and fitter

Where’s Wildo? Thought I would make faux leather shoes, bought the thinnest brown vinyl I could find and it didn’t work. Used it for the soles, though. Could’ve gone all stash had I painted the shoes in the first place as I had sole material on hand.

Embellishment Medallions: I bought the cool guy shark file

Party hats: hats are purchased. All the papers and dies to decorate them were stash

Plethora of Piñatas: Bought some of the crepe paper (pronounced “creepy paper” like Nandor in What We Do In The Shadows TV series), all other paper and vessels from stash.

WHEW! I am working on a mostly-stash project right now that I hope I wrap up before the weekend.


Look at you, power destasher!

Another mostly-stash project in the books! A grad banner requested by my SIL. There are clothespins under each grade for a photo from that year.


I finished the scrappy baby quilt. I had to buy sashing, backing, and binding, but I had a large enough piece of batting. Cleared out a box of baby quilt/toy trimmings gathered over the last 7 years or so and used up a small piece of batting. Win. I also bought just enough fabric for the extras.
The crinkly sensory cloth and the ninnis were all from stash as well.