2023 DeStash-Along

I have tons of fabric in pieces too small for garments (fat quarters to about a yard). My plan was to make pretty patchwork clothes, but I get overwhelmed with choices. Yesterday, I sorted out my favorite colors and spread them all over the living room floor to see what could be done.

Then I separated out “hero” fabrics, ones with lots of colors and a bold design (quilters call them focus fabrics).

Next, I chose fabrics that went with each of the hero fabrics, and chose one set to work with (the less bold peacock feather group).

I tore the companion fabrics into various widths, and stitched them end to end to make long strips. I pressed all the seam allowances open!
Then I stitched them together to make new fabric. Several hours later, I had a piece 88" long by 20" wide. I had to stop because I spilled a glass of water all over it, and didn’t want to sew wet fabric.

hero fabric on top, constructed fabric below:

It’s so freaking boring!

I think my issues are:

  • The hero fabric is rather dull and uses similar values throughout. Although I deliberately included some darker and lighter fabrics, it’s not exciting.
  • The companion prints all read as small scale; I need some bolder prints for interest.
  • That pink… There is lavender in the hero, but this is too pink, and the stripes of it are too wide.
  • I don’t really like stripes, and that’s what I made.

So basically, I spent yesterday turning small pieces of fabric into smaller pieces of fabric, and wound up with something I wouldn’t buy at a thrift store for a buck.

fortunately, my scrappy hangings use narrow strips of fabric, so I can use the skinny bits. And now I won’t feel bad about tearing up fat quarters instead of just using scraps…

And I separated the big-enough-for-clothes fabrics from the rest. That can be inspiration to use that instead of getting bogged down by the idea of using the bits and pieces.


Thank you for sharing your thought process, I really liked the walk through of your thinking. I’ve been trying to work on value and contrast in my own work and get better at studying things to see what I like/don’t like so this was really interesting to read (and I agree with all of your points). I think you have some good contrast on the right side with both the darker teal and pink and the stripe widths but agree that the left side and the hero fabric is all of a similar value and reads same same.


Good point. I worked from left to right, maybe I was making better choices as I got into the flow.

I’ve been working on value and contrast and scale, but haven’t internalized it yet; I still have to think about every decision. With more practice, I hope it gets more instinctive.


OOh, I saw what you’ve done and thought you were sorting and prepping stripes for making into patchwork!
To me, it looks perfect to turn into a patchwork skirt of dress. Using the joined stripes, cutting them into strips of patches, then moving the colours across one or two patches, and sewing the new strips together with a slight gather.

One option is to cut the peacock fabric into strips also, and slightly gather it to sew between the patchworked strips, with each tier of stripes being slightly longer than the previous one, so the skirt has a bit of a ‘swing’ to it. Thus bringing them all together.

I hope it translates to something you can picture, but of course, not everyone likes patchwork, it just immediately spoke to me of being used for that purpose.

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that might be good; cutting it up would disturb the extreme stripiness.
I just saw a video where they cut the striped patchwork diagonally and inserted sashing, that might help this, too.


I love how adventurous you have been with your projects…just jumping in and seeing where it takes you. Also, anything can be “fixable” and you will eventually find a solution to make something even if it was not what you originally planned.

I like the idea of putting things together, re-arranging and seeing what else can be done…I hope to be braver in 2023 and do that as well…better to try than to just have all those fabrics wasting away in a plastic storage bin!

Diagonal patchwork sounds intriguing!!!


much better to use them than to imagine how great my estate sale will be…

Sorry, folks, no, I do not have a date set for the estate sale. :slight_smile:


lol same…I do not want my survivors to hate me…


I don’t want my survivors to throw it all away. My stash ain’t trash!


My mom’s kinda hoardery, I can’t do that to my kids. I’m feeling a bit better today, going to work in the basement. I have got to get things under control this year.


Same…but I have nephews who don’t give a hoot about crafts, unless it is beer… :sweat_smile:


I like to think that whoever handles my estate sale will be delightfully baffled by certain of my things. Fake fantasy apothecary? Foreign toothepaste collection? All that BIgfoot stuff? But also two sets of old kinda fancy china and monogramed linen towels and doilies from early 20th century. Who was this weird old lady?


Oh, ya, my stuff is pretty awesome. But the stuff stuff? Oh, man…

I love your toothpaste collection.

I love scrolling through estate sale pictures. Kind of morbid, but it’s interesting to see other people’s collections. People are delightfully odd.


For those of you who like to use up every last inch of yarn…


Thanks! I am looking for patterns to use up small balls of acrylic yarns left over from blankets…I have one to make hundreds of flowers to make a shawl and I also like this one!


That is super cute!

falls down a knit/crochet bunting rabbit hole


I unbookmarked that bunting! It’s so beautiful & so tempting but what would I ever do with it? I had to check the urge. It was hard.

First layer of a tall box. Some of this is really special but more than treasures, I need space.


I can’t look into that box…no no…


that’s how I felt, too. Must…scroll…past…

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