2023 Retrospective... in Photographs

Here are my favourite photographs I took in each month of 2023 :camera:

Edited to add: I took all photos with my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S32. All photos are unedited, with the exception of the monster truck photo, which was minimally cropped to remove the railing at the bottom of the photo (I was sitting behind the railing when I took the photograph).


Old Front Road, Kingston, ON


Bexley Gate Park, Kingston, ON


The Girls, Our Backyard, Kingston, ON


Lake Ontario, near Newlands Pavillion, Kingston, ON


Lions Civic Gardens, Kingston, ON


Finkle Shores, Bath, ON


Community Gardens outside Calvin Park Library, Kingston, ON


Peeking inside a sunflower at Wynn Flower Farm, Greater Napanee, ON


Monster Truck Rally at the Kingston Fall Fair, Memorial Centre, Kingston, ON


Breakwater Park, Kingston, ON


Dinosaurs at play, London, ON

My daughter and my nephew both dressed up as dinosaurs for Halloween, not knowing they dressed up the same until my brother and I sent pictures back and forth. When we went to London in November, my nephew asked my daughter to bring her dinosaur suit so they could run around the neighbourhood. She happily obliged.
I didn’t take any nature photos in November, but I think this one is worthy of the lot in any case :heart:


Liam the cat, cozy in wintertime

Despite our mild weather this December, I didn’t take any nature photos… I was too busy trying to catch up on evertyhing I procrastinated on doing for the holidays. But again… this adorableness is worthy of the lot :slight_smile: :cat: :heart:

And a few extra photos I just had to share.

This one is just so you don’t get the wrong idea about weather where I live… This is a more realistic photo for January (and February, and March, and April…)

Another photo from the Kingston Fall Fair, because these people are just incredible. The one in yellow is Kassie Boone, one of only 2 women in the world who does FMX Trick jumps over the 75-foot gap. She’s from Ontario! She actually lets go of the bike completely during this trick, for a fraction of a second after kicking her feet back. She’s pretty incredible. You can learn more about her at the folllowing link, if you’re interested: Kassie Boone: First female FMX rider to compete at Stampede's Monster Energy Compound | CBC News

And finally, an extra photo from August, because this sky… :heart_eyes:. This is at Lions Civic Gardens, in Kingston, ON.


A lovely collection! And a good reminder that there are beautiful and interesting things all around us right where we are.


I love this idea of selecting one photo every month to feature as a retrospective. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

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What camera(s) do you use for your photography? This is a wonderful collection!

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These are all taken with my cell phone! I have a Samsung Galaxy S23.

All photos are unedited, with the exception of minor cropping on the monster truck photo to take out the railing at the bottom of the photograph (behind which I was seated).

I had a digital camera once upon a time, but the cell phone cameras are so powerful now that they do a better job than any digital camera I could purchase on my budget, lol.


The quality of the photos is amazing!

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Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone!

I just enjoy capturing nature’s beauty whenever I can. I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. The months on end of gray skies are hard, so I try to see the beauty in between :heart: Having the photos is a good reminder that beauty is everywhere.


I love a picture to capture the month! You have an excellent eye for photography. Beautifully done.

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I love this idea!! You could turn these into a calendar. :slight_smile: I had a coworker who used to do that with her favorite photos from each year. I was lucky enough to receive one one year. It’s a nice way to look back on the year before and appreciate the memories!

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How beautiful! I think the Monster Truck and the Sunflower are my favorites, but who can pick? Really beautiful work.

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