2024 DeStash Along

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Stashes! Every crafter has them - whether they fill a shoe box or are slowly taking over our house. We find the neatest things that we’re sure we can use to make something amazing, but so often we are distracted by the next new supply and the items we have so carefully chosen and curated get overshadowed and sometimes even forgotten.

Not this year! Join us on a year-long celebration of our stash!

This is very much a choose your own adventure craft along. We have prompts and challenges each month that can inspire or be ignored as suits your fancy. You can set your own goals, whether you’re going on a no-buy, one in/one out, reduction of volume, or just enjoying what you have. We’re just here to cheer on your successes or commiserate when something doesn’t turn out quite like you had planned.

So share your goals, share your projects, and enjoy the company of other crafters who like to make things with the materials they’ve stashed away last week, last month, last year, or even last century. It’s all good stuff, and even better if you use it.


Holding this space, just in case…


I’m starting to focus a bit more on specific mediums and have an overflowing abundance of supplies that I’m not really excited to use so I think I’ll work on doing an actual destash for 2024.

As part of the destash I think I need to thin out my loom herd a bit because I’m not weaving as much and when I do weave it’s almost exclusively on the same loom or two because they’re my favorites. I should also take a look at my weaving books and yarn stashes as there is probably a good amount I could easily part with. I also have lots of miscellaneous supplies for crafts tried long ago that I can part with.

Time to use the good stuff, part with the supplies I don’t enjoy, and make space for supplies related to the mediums I’m currently excited about!


I’ll be playing here again :slight_smile: Mostly continuing to destash my yarn. I have some planned projects, and then many more vague notions that may or may not come to fruition.

I’m not planning a no-buy year, but will try to resist the temptation to add stash unless I have plans for said items.


Yay! So glad to see folks over here!

I’ll be doing a low-buy this year and really working on organizing the stash, reducing its footprint, and making sure everything I have is something I’m excited to use. Also trying to branch out on some new projects rather than just making the same thing over and over again (although there will definitely be plenty of doll dresses, fair warning).


I’m back, too. I love this ~along for inspiration and motivation, thanks for setting it up again. :slight_smile:


Thanks for organizing this craft-along again!

My plan is to try and work (almost) entirely from my stash this year. I have materials for all of the projects that I currently want to do (I will need to pick up a few things to finish WIPs).


I destashed my yarn hoard last year and had to buy yarn to start making mittens again!
My whole craft room and basement storage needs destashing. I’m hoping to find inspiration along the way. And donate/give away stuff to our neighborhood free stuff postings.
And I have lots of ideas for crafty fun and making.


I’m in this year. I’ve got a stash of fabric and yarn I’m hoping to turn into a random gifting stash instead of frantically making right before I need something.


Future gift crafting has been a game changer for me. It uses up stash and gets rid of the pesky looming deadlines. :smiley:


I must learn your ways, lol.


January Prompts

Lace Trim by Amy Ng, on Flickr
Color: White
Pattern: Solid Colors
For: Your Craft Space
Challenge 1: Finish a WIP from 2023
Challenge 2: Take stock of your stash! Decide what your goals for the year are (and share them here so we can cheer you on). Will you be tracking your progress? If so, how will you be doing that? (Number of projects? Volume/Weight/Items used?)


My ex-MIL gave me a bunch of her yarn. She has macular degeneration and can’t knit anymore. I plan on using it all up this year.

I got a serger recently and plan on stashbusting all my fabric


Tackling Challenge 2 in the hopes it will help me be a bit organized in my destashing effots. :crossed_fingers:

Fabric Bin:


  • Turn as much of this into reusable gift bags/fabric ties as I can
  • Cut 2.5" squares to make placemats. I have one mat done and several squares already cut/collected:

(Some of) The yarn situation:

Possible projects:

  • Musselburgh hat
  • Boomerang shawl
  • Ear warmer/hat ear band
  • Kids leg warmers

WIPs to finish:

t-shirt sweater:

Rainbow shawlette (currently working on!):


One of my bingo squares for the year is “functional craft room” which I did a bunch of work towards in the last month, but need to keep going. Ridiculous numbers of boxes of fabric & yarn are now in the attic, but there’s still stuff that needs to be sorted and it’s currently piled on all the table space…


I hear you! My craft space was pressed into service as a storage area last year but I should have my closets and kitchen back some time this month. There shall be a massive sorting/purging/reckoning when that happens. Until then my piles have piles on them.


Good luck! My craft space in the new room is mostly back together, but became a necessary storage space during Christmas hosting. In between the ‘put it in the craft room’ stuff and the empty boxes (yay for sorting/purging/reckoning) that I still need to get rid of, it will take another push and willpower to get/keep it usable.


I didn’t destash anything, but I did sort and organize a stack of drawers. Some things hit the garbage, but not much. Another set of drawers with sewing stuff is on the docket for today…and more.


Admitting that things aren’t usable anymore is definitely an important part of any “reclaim the craft space” project.


I transferred all of my buttons from a tin to clear containers. I haven’t had much time this week to tackle anything big. But, visible storage helps me remember that things exist.