2024 DeStash Along

I was just thinking of internet sites shutting down or bloggers no longer posting…but in that case, new or similar patterns are out there anyway…

I am glad I am destashing…looking for a place to live is so stressful…I have to stay busy…


I dont think the internet/technology will be going away… but whaaat iiiiif :roll_eyes:

It’s an illogical “reason” to not do the job, most likely (for me.). I mean, there’s always chance something dramatic could happen personally, like financially, which could end up limiting our access to the internet or technology I suppose. The things do cost money, but it’s not a likely scenario in general.

But iiif it diiiid, look at all the patterns I could choose from! :roll_eyes:


I maybe should limit the size of my containers.
My fabric “container” is 30 cubic feet of cubbies, that cover an entire wall.

I’ve decided that’s now the container for all my supplies…except 3D printing, buttons, jewelry, and that stuff in the plastic drawer unit. That means no more boxes under the work tables, no more stuff piled haphazardly. Such a good decision. I’m patting myself on the back.
I am making progress on that!


Past Me is annoying Today Me by having collected random yarns in sets of 3 skeins each for some reason and now I don’t know what to make out of any of them and most of them don’t seem to want to play together, either. :upside_down_face:

(No one mention the WiPs I’m shoving around to get to the annoying yarn. I’m counting on you, crafties.)


Ironed and cut bunches of fabric today for a donation situation.


Stash lap blanket

I posted about this a while ago but here are the pics! It’s nothing very special, but it’s all stash, it stitched up quickly and it will be gifted to a family member who will certainly appreciate it. And I’d never thought I’d find a way to make that gifted pink and inherited beige look good :laughing: So it’s a win-win situation!


It’s fabulous! So well made and the colors are nice together!

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I am going to re-organize my yarns a different way.

I have bins by type of yarn, sock yarn, acrylic yarn, etc.

Instead, I am going to full skeins, partial skeins for scrappy projects, and then crafting yarns for things like embroidery, trim, prayer flag embellishments, etc. I might find that I will have to keep a bin for fingering/sock yarns since I have so much, but trying to reduce the number of bins I am going to have to move…if I can cut back even one, it will help!


I was just in the yarn cabinet again plotting destash projects. I have a personal limit of “it has to fit into this cabinet or I can’t buy it” and I won’t lie, its doors are bursting at the seams a bit. In future I’d love to get all my in-house supplies to sort into the one cabinet and one rollie cart and then one Active WiP basket or holding thing of some sort.
@Immaculata the blanket idea was on my radar, then my yarns felt like they wouldn’t play all that well together. I need to get out of my own way here. As usual haha


I finished a blouse using three different stash fabrics. But I still have largish scraps of each.


This is what I did, I went through my yarn and seperated it into full and partial skeins.

The partial skeins of sock yarn went into one project bag, and resulted in four pairs of scrappy socks, the acrylic yarns went into another bag and I’m working my way through them now, and there’s a third project bag full of partial skeins of cotton. I can’t buy anything new until I’ve worked my way through those project bags.


I have a ton of cotton, what other than washcloths do you like to make with it?


I’m still trying to figure that out :laughing:

I am 3/4 through this CAL: https://haakplein.com/home/cal2018-nostalgia/ but I’ve been working on it since 2019 and I don’t particularly enjoy it.

I also have some coloured yarns. Some are inherited and not my favourite colours. I know my grandma’s crocheted curtains? I have no clue really, I’d hoped to get ideas here…


I just made some microwave safe bowl holders out of some scraps of cotton yarn. Not the prettiest things but useful!


I pretty much used all of mine up to make baskets. You can combine them with some other scrap yarns to make them more colorful.

@Immaculata --such a great plan! I am going to do that…put together the sock yarns into scrappy sock type projects…and mostly, just to use up the other stuff or just let it go!


I forgot about baskets. I’ve done that, too. I think i’m in one of those “without a recipient it’s hard to settle” moods.

I have a fair amount of acrylics. If I wasn’t literally looking at 6 blankets in this livingroom right now i’d be more motivated to make a random one just for kicks :laughing:

My husband did ask me once to knit him a yarmulke, how would cotton do there? Lol


My husband prefers that I crochet his hats in cotton…they stretch out terribly, but they seem to shrink back when he washes and dries them…


@AntBee yarnies I saw today. The ball box would be SO CUTE bigger.


I accidentally did the total opposite of de-stashing by answering a “free yarn” post. :scream:

My intentions were good, the picture didn’t look like 2 bin bags full of yarn and I thought I’d give some to my mum’s friend. She doesn’t need / want any. So, I thought I’d offer some to another friend - same response.

I have yet to try a couple of other local friends before organising this yarn barf into something that’s de-stashable. (Yes, I have emptied the bags onto the floor and am surrounded by yarn)

I would like to keep some … but I am not a fast knitter or crocheter so some will have to find new homes. Once I’ve been through it all and worked out whether I can make a project, I will re-list it on the same craft group


I bought a sewing basket I don’t need at an estate sale. Full of supplies I probably won’t use. Except a cute pattern! And a pair of pinking shears. All for $5.