2024 DeStash Along

A far-away friend came to our bash yesterday so I gave her a sack full of yarn for her daughter who knits & another sack full of all the big glass beads in my stash, woo hoo!


Oh stash, how we love you.

My DW needed a cover for her circular knitting machine to keep the kittens off of it. So stash to the rescue.


Nice! Kittens do love string and yarn…mine wants to chew on my thread holder so I am going to have to make some sort of cover for it…love that you used a piece of patchwork…pretty and functional is always good!

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My two furballs have zero interest in my embroidery threads, i was surprised to discover. Regardless, I am very strict about keeping all craft supplies out of their reach while crafting & then also securely stored, but sometimes they want to cuddle with me, or watch over me, while I stitch. I am so paranoid about pins & needles and the cats!


This is really cool! I want to touch it, I bet it feels nice to use too.

Awesome cover @marionberries, it looks really snazzy!

I love all the great projects on this thread where people have seen a problem or a need and just solved it with what they have on hand. It’s like a thread full of MacGyvers!


Using up the fleece pieces!


After the accidental re-stashing of far too much yarn, I offered some to my colleague who makes “stuff” for her Grandkids’ school.

Not sure if she realises how much she is getting, but it will half the new stash!! :rofl: :rofl:

And despite multiple WIPs, I have started a new “passive meetings” project. It looks straightforward enough to do whilst I am (probably fake) listening. some of the current WIPs require more attention, especially my main one. I have written “concentrate” next to one particular row! :grin:


Great snuffle mat! I’ve been considering making one, and just did a latch-hook rug with t-shirt yarn that I decided was better off as a shower mat.
Anything you’d recommend for when I finally make one for the dog?

Also @Renstar, “re-stashing” is an excellent, less-self-shaming descriptor :laughing:


I watched a few YouTube videos and found that there is really no wrong way to make these. The more fleece you use, the harder it is to find the treats, so if your dog gets frustrated or anxious, it is better to make a loser one. Mine is pretty tight because I was making it for my cats…they are just too smart and figured it out too quickly…

Just have fun with this pretty mindless project…I am glad @sheepblue posted hers…I had no idea such a thing existed! I learn so much from this community!

Do you need fleece scraps? I am destashing…ha ha ha.


Ah, see I was worried if it was too loose, the bits would get trapped way down in the fabric and get icky! I’ve bought one for another dog before and they’re sewn to prevent that in the official versions, and that’s beyond my pay grade.

I could potentially be talked into some fleece scraps… :sweat_smile:


Mine does let treats fall through the mesh sometimes, but it’s an extra level of the game for my dog to flip the mat over to inspect for fallen bits haha.



I am either totally disgruntled and should step away from the yarn cabinet for a few days or I have zero ideas for any of the big yarn cakes I have and should just rehome them. I’ve worked and frogged 3 different patterns in one of them in the last 2 days. And the fingerless gloves I was working on are coming out too small for me so I’m cranky about making the second one which I also have had to frog three times. Bah humbug lol


Do you have a picture / brand name? I’m sure we could help you with a few ideas. If you still don’t feel like making any of them, then maybe it’s indeed a good idea to rehome them. Maybe they just don’t spark joy for you.

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At first glance I thought you were talking about a “yarn carnival.” Visions flashed through my mind…

How long have you had the yarn? If the right project hasn’t come up in a year or two…um, it will probably occur to you shortly after you get rid of them…


That’s exactly when! Haha happens every. Time.

These are my preciousessss. I want to do a semi circular one in the red-white-green because it amuses me to make it look like watermelon. I’ve tried 3 so far but my brain isnt having it. The all-teal one is rayon and I have like 1600 yards. That one and I will be celebrating our 13th anniversary together this summer. I keep going to rehome it and then can’t bring myself to say goodbye. Stupid, I know, but there it is. I also don’t have recipients for shawls and I think I would prefer a rectangular wrap for myself.


Those are lovely yarn cakes. I can see how they’d be hard to let go. I hope the right project finds you!


I recently made a tote with a Lionbrand Mandala. I couldnt think of anything else with only one cake. I need to make a post for it, then I’ll link it here.


Your kid is a dancer right? What about this one? Ravelry: Abigail Fairy Dress pattern by Christel Riley Watts I know my inner little girl really wants this dress (and I always wanted to dance, too, but my mum wouldn’t let me). I know your colours aren’t the typical girly colours but I think the dress would look great in teal as well.


That dress is so cute!

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