2024 DeStash Along

I have a big candy jar on my yarn cabinet where i keep small balls of remnant yarns/partial skeins. It makes them look like gumballs or candy. I love it.
Right now it’s just full of my greens and browns- my frog yarns. :slight_smile: i gave all tbe fun colors to the school.


Making slow progress on the stash. I’ve been concentrating on using up scrappy bits and ended up with 4 small dresses out of this oddly cut cloth.


Nice! Using up those little odd-shaped bits and pieces is a lot more challenging than using up big pieces of fabric, so I think you should get bonus points for that!


The weekend is coming! What in your stash is calling to you?


I made a vest for a friend out of some spectacular stash fabrics.

Had to buy a pattern, though, because I didn’t want to dink around drafting one. I’ve been kind of wanting a vest lately, so more might be on the way. I have an embroidered drapery panel…


I’m going to start stitching for the Prairie Schooler Spring / Summer Swap - Sign-ups CLOSED, Send-out April 20 I hope to get everything from stash, fabric, thread, pattern.

I’ve finished four socks from stash yarn over the last 2 weeks. I had wanted to donate both pairs to the fundraiser, but I experienced thread break in all of this yarn. I used for skeins in two colours from the same brand, that I probably bought at the same time, I’ve used other skeins from this brand in the past and I didn’t have these issues. They’ve been in my stash for a long, long time, maybe it was just age. But now I still don’t have socks to donate, and two more pairs for myself :laughing: I really must stop knitting socks.


Send some of your sock motivation my way lol I still only have one of 4 socks made from what I started last year!


I was going great guns with my sock project, but then as usual I mis-measured the foot before starting the toe and I just don’t have the motivation to rip it back. Pulling out the work isn’t the issue, it’s getting it back on the needles correctly.


Can you use lifelines? I use a thread and needle about two rows below were I need to undo to hold the stitches…frog down to just above that point then start putting the stitches on your needles…if you drop one or two, you can catch it and fix it a lot easier and the thread/yarn will keep it from unraveling.


Using up small balls of worsted. I will probably never knit something like this again…or maybe I will haha. It has taken forever to get through the one mitt, though I’ve been making up the patterns as I go along. The 2nd should go quicker since I’m just following what I did before.


Ok that is epic. What great choices!


Sorry. My head just exploded. Lol.



I love you Abbie.


Wow :heart_eyes: It’s absolutely stunning.

How many rows do you have to frog? If it’s not that much, sometimes I knit backwards. It’s a bit slower than knitting forwards, but I can do it pretty fast now, I make lots of mistakes :laughing: but at least all the stitches remain on the needle all the time.


I didn’t know that is what it was called! I do that a lot, too…I am too afraid to slip the needles off and unravel if there aren’t too many stitches…and especially if there is some sort of pattern or lace!


I honestly have no idea if that’s what it’s called, but I had no idea what else to call it…


I think it’s called tinking to work backwards (it’s knit spelled backwards lol)

@Abbeeroad I should clarify that I didn’t make up the patterns, just the random order in which they’re put together. I’m getting the stitch charts from other fair isle patterns that I used for hats, etc. My mitt stitch count is 48 in the round for most of it, so I can work with charts that have repeats based on counts of 4 or 6 (there’s more options, but that’s what I’m working with).

I’m using the Sheep & Stitch fingerless gloves pattern as the base - love it, I’ve used it so many times.


Probably about 2 inches? My big toe is in the last spotted stripe. These aren’t necessarily for me but I have a fairly average size foot. This’ll teach me to use a table I found online instead of trying things on as I go. The worst part is that I kept such careful row tallies so I could get an exact match for sock two.


That looks like quite a bit to frog! Maybe befriend a big-footed person instead…
One of the reasons why I usually use the same boring sock pattern is because that one fits perfectly. I would hate to spend time knitting a new pattern just to find out it doesn’t fit properly or I should have used a different sized needle.

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