2024 DeStash Along

Cute potholder! I love the color.


A friend works i a church office and never asks for replacements when things wear out. She just keeps making do.

I noticed her wrist rest was worn out with a flaking vinyl covering. She didn’t want a new one because this one was just right. So I recovered it. She said make it pretty!

But I didn’t have any pretty appropriate fabric so I did a double cover. The first layer is a deep green upholstery fabric with a nice sort of velvety feel. And yhe outer cover is a dark floral. Win! You can see the old cover in the background.


Going into the paper hoard to weed out stuff that’s no longer useful and to organize it to a usable system. And while I was in that mode I got a request from a school teacher for any yarn that could be spared so my small remnants and things i either have in abundance or am unlikely to be used are being eyed as we speak… but of course my inner yarn hoarder keeps arguing for keeping stuff. :roll_eyes: “ohhh that’s being kept in case that blanket you made 25 years ago needs mending… oh, but that’s so pretty…”

She’s not going to sway me, but she is annoying. :zipper_mouth_face:

Edit to add: now my diningroom is an explosion of both paper and yarn.
End of report


Oh the paper horde…

I may have bought two giant paper packs last weekend while looking for some dopamine. I’m not sure where they’re going to live permanently, but I have some projects planned and already shared the sheets I know I won’t use with a coworker for a collage project. Oops.

On the bright side I started my first knitting project this year. Maybe I can get a full skein of yarn out of stash by the time I finish these socks.


I hope you manage to keep your inner yarn hoarder quiet!

I just listed a few things in a local buy-nothing group. Paint-by-numbers and diamond painting kits that I got gifted from now deceased people. I have never tried diamong painting but I’m 100% positive I’ll hate it. I did try painting by numbers and I didn’t enjoy it and was really bad at it. Hopefully someone else will love them! They’re brand new kits in pretty boxes so they take up quite a bit of space. I’m glad I didn’t unpack them at some point because brand new they’re much more appealing for someone else.


I did!


Well done!!!


The yarn cabinet is still quite well stocked, the stash isn’t suffering :grimacing:

I’m pleased.
(Full disclosure: The paper craft stash has been shoved back in its box and left for another day.)


Great job!

I just paid a deposit to a moving company, so since it is based on how much space you take up in their truck, it is motivating me to destash a lot more. They quoted me for 40 boxes for my craft room, but I am guessing that it is more like 80 right now…I have about two months…

Of course, as I am destashing…I find myself making something:

Destashing Flannel


What a room you must have :star_struck:

Culling things is hard. Good luck choosing the things you most want to keep and good luck getting some quality crafting time in beforehand so you can play with your pretties and have less to sort!


Yay you!!

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So organized!

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Made 2 different Musselburgh dupe hats from stash yarn. The first one didn’t turn out long enough to fold over for a brim, but then I decided it’s ok without it. I think I’ve finally been able to make some hats that will keep my ears warm when winter bites hard.


Nice! I love the colour combination of the second hat, I would never have put those two colours together but it looks great.

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interesting idea!
I do like the idea of a “partial skeins” bin or basket, as I tend to feel obligated to put those partials back in the bin they came from, but honestly for the next project, I would start with the full skein so as not to have to join yarn right away! So the partials tend to just sit & sit
(I have my wool stash organized by yarn weight, from fingering up to super bulky, then the acrylic lives on one bookshelf and the cotton on another)
and I seem to keep adding a few skeins at a time, so things are getting way too crowded up in the bonus/ craft room!
On a positive note, I did pick out some yarn I’m ready to let go of & posted it on one of my Rav groups, and someone is paying me the postage to mail it to her. Now I’ve just gotta knit faster or repeat the process of sending it on to a new home~


I have a big candy jar on my yarn cabinet where i keep small balls of remnant yarns/partial skeins. It makes them look like gumballs or candy. I love it.
Right now it’s just full of my greens and browns- my frog yarns. :slight_smile: i gave all tbe fun colors to the school.


Making slow progress on the stash. I’ve been concentrating on using up scrappy bits and ended up with 4 small dresses out of this oddly cut cloth.


Nice! Using up those little odd-shaped bits and pieces is a lot more challenging than using up big pieces of fabric, so I think you should get bonus points for that!


The weekend is coming! What in your stash is calling to you?