Moving Projects--Baby Bibs

I am trying to reduce the amount of crafting stuff I have before my upcoming move. Of course, as I am packing, I come across things and want to make them. I also have to craft to keep my sanity and to live my life.

One of our neighbors is having a baby shower for her daughter and casually mentioned that I should drop in for cake and coffee. I can’t go empty handed but I also don’t have time to shop! I came across some flannel in my stash of flannels that I thought would make some good drool catchers (bibs!).

The backs are plain, but still useable.

While I was at it, I found something I started when my great nephew was born…11 years ago…I am sending it to his new baby sister, who just turned 4 months…better late than never!

Thanks to those who helped me decide to use snap closures instead of velcro… :kissing_heart:


Adorable! Such a thoughtful gift & great project to keep up the stash busting. Go, Linda!

oh–I almost forgot the best of all…I rotary cut all the scraps from this project to make stuffing for another project!! Using the Magpie philosophy of using every scrap!


Super cute!

What cute gifts! And a gift to yourself of destashing as well self-care through crafting!

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:tulip: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :rainbow: Well, lookie here! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :tulip: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :rainbow:


Those are so cute! I’m amazed you’re finding time to make things while also packing up.

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lol I find things as I am packing so it is slowing me down…but, I also need breaks since it is overwhelming to my senses…

My husband is totally opposite…once he starts, he will pack anything in his sight. He will have all of his stuff packed by the end of the month…

I am struggling with wanting to keep everything or making something so I don’t have to pack it up…we haven’t found a house yet, so, we still have to live here. My husband would just pitch a tent at my brother’s house in PA and live like a nomad for months…

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Super freakin’ cute!

So cute and who doesn’t like a baby with such a fancy bib :smiley:

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I’ll bet you the recipient will love that you didn’t have time to shop… Handmade is better than store-bought anyway :slight_smile:

I actually really like the backs as well as the front. It’s nice to have a simpler design/fabric on the back and the cute designs and work on the front. My favourite is the mermaid, but I really like the colour choice for the top of the mouse one; the designs work really well together.

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Super cute drool catchers!! I’m glad you were able to take some time out and do this for yourself, and for your neighbor!

Thanks! It is true…crafting is my stress reliever!

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Mine, too!

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I found some more flannel that I did not want to pack, so I quickly made a couple of bibs and some burp cloths/drool catchers for my latest great niece.

Fronts are novelty print cotton that has been in my stash forever…backs are plain flannel.

These are flannel on the front and back to sop up whatever babies spit out. The last one is just a slightly different pattern using two different flannels. My niece said she could use about twenty more, but I am not buying anymore flannel. (Never say never…ha)


Adorable and so useful! I go through so many burp cloths!

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