2024 Planner Printables

Back in 2022, I created my own planner, because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere.

The Happy Planner came pretty close (and all those stickers… swoon), but I wanted to do my own thing. So I created this planner. I tried to use a commercial planner again last year, but I just really like the full page aspect of the one I created, with all the little tracking and prompts I put in. So I’ve been adapting the original for 2024.

The daily prompts came from a picture someone shared on social media of prompts they used on a small piece of paper… I can’t for the life of me remember who shared this. But the design of the prompts and placement in the planner are my own.

Here are the main pages in my planner:

Monthly Cover Page (all illustrations are Creative Commons, with license for personal and commercial use)

Monthly page for holidays and observations, including “just for fun” holidays (if this intrigues you, consider joining our Everyday Holidays “Craftalong”

Weekly Planning Page for Every Monday

Full page per day, with prompts and plenty of planning space (and space for all the stickers)

I also normally print a full journal page on the back of each Daily planning page (it just says “Journal” on the back, with a repeat of the month’s motif in the upper left and bottom right corners). However, I made a commitment to finish filling all the journals in my house before buying/printing any other journal/journalling pages, so I haven’t printed any of those pages yet.

I bought the large discs from the Happy Planner and I’m using them for my self-made one.

I use regular tab divider for the months.

Thanks for looking!


*the obvious lack of planning with this planner for this week is due to us still trying to pick ourselves up from being hit by COVID first thing in 2024 :sob:


This looks like a super functional format. You’re so organized! Sorry you got hit with COVID.


So organized!!

I had to look up “Pomodoro Count” because in my mind, pomodoro = tomato! :laughing:

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I looked it up, too. It sounds interesting.
I like your method. My planner is small daily tasks because I need the wins. :rofl:
I really like the theme of the week. I think I may add that to my planner. Remembering to be patient with myself, it’s okay to say no to things, or just eat healthier would be great. And breaking it into weekly goals would help me focus on it.


Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

Re: being organized

Thank you! I feel the need to point out that I’m not an organized person by nature; much to the contrary… however, 40 years of undiagnosed ADHD meant I had to train myself to become organized so I would stop forgetting and losing everything… there are many times when I make beautiful plans in these pages… and then forget to look at what I wrote… but I try hard and I am doing better now, for the most part.

I’m not sure if you caught this, but the reason it’s called “pomodoro” is because the guy who came up with the concept would use his kitchen timer and set it to 25 minutes… and his kitchen timer was a traditional one in the shape of a tomato :slight_smile:

I really enjoy this as well. Sometimes I do a theme of the month and then break it into smaller, related goals for each week, but in general they stand on their own depending on how I’m feeling and what I want to accomplish. I purposely leave it fairly broad most of the time, because then there are better chances of me being successful and feeling encouraged to get work towards small wins :slight_smile: