2024 Stitchalong

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Welcome to the 2024 Stitchalong on Lettuce Craft! We are going to mix things up a little bit this year. Some things will be familiar and others will be new. Let’s inspire each other to stitch all year long!

The details:
Each month, we will have a new batch of randomly generated themes. Any stitch that fits one (or more) of the monthly themes will be entered into our quarterly drawings. Quarterly drawings will occur in March, June, September, and December as long as we have at least 5 entries from 5 different stitchers per quarter. Winners will be chosen randomly via the Wheel of Names. Winners will receive a $20 Etsy or Amazon gift card (depending on location/availability).


Our themes for February will be:

Feb Themes

Remember, your stitch does not need to incorporate all themes and can be a loose or literal interpretation - have fun and happy stitching! :sewing_needle:


Our first quarterly drawing will take place at the end of March!


Yay!! thanks for keeping the stitchalong encouragement flowing @Abbeeroad :smile:


So, I have until 1/31 to submit my embroidered design and I can even submit progress pics? This is kind of like Craft This In Your Style I think. Does the completed submission have to be a finished product or can it be just in a hoop? I like the lemons theme…I’m thinking…

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Yep! That’s pretty much it! Hand and machine embroidered elements count. You do not have to submit a finished product as long as the stitching is done. Still in the hoop is fine!


I came to post progress pics to be accountable because I’ve been procrastinating. :smiley: Forced myself to do the transfer using my small light table and one of my drawing pencils. Have never done this before. This is my design of my traced hand reaching for lemons (a mini fruit drawing of mine enlarged and duplicated 3 times).

Did I use a too-dark pencil for the transfer? The fabric is a linen napkin. The first pencil that I tried did not mark well on the weave.

I fell in love with crewel work in Girl Scouts. I have practiced some hand embroidery over the years but not steadily. I have been able to make some good French knots though. I have started on this project later in the month than I had planned. It’s a relief to have picked my thread colors and done the transfer.

For the lemons, I plan to use satin and long and short stitches.


What a fun design!

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I love this! I’m also procrastinating my stitching this month. Your post is very motivating!

The pencil might be dark, but hopefully your stitches will cover it. I used to use a super fine sharpie to transfer images, but lately I like to use a transfer pen like this one.

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That’s what I use as well…or, I print my designs on Sulky…I have an idea for January, just have to get going!


Thanks for sharing this. Just the type of response I was hoping for! I’ll get one of those pens. :yellow_heart: I see that I forgot that it’s important to use a transfer medium that will wash out. I knew there was something but I couldn’t place it. I have a blue pencil but it is non-repo blue, which doesn’t reproduce in graphic design, so no use in needlework. If my dark lines are not all covered with my stitches, I will be ok with that. :blush: This is all practice and learning for me. It’s a project just for me to look at.


such a cool light box! The design will be very interesting stitched up.

I have had no time for any crafting which is very sad because Cindy sent me a whack of her extra threads and I want to make something with them instead of just winding them on cards and filing them away. Let’s see what the weekend brings…


What theme are you going to use? Do you mean that you use the pen that Abbie suggested if you don’t use Sulky? Is this the type of Sulky that you use, or similar? It would be quicker but I think I like the print and trace method. It helps me to practice drawing.

Yes, still much time to get it done. And you have enough filed away as it is (she spoke with presumption and first-hand knowledge :smile:). What theme do you favor?

My light box is very small but I mostly like working in small spaces. Have had it for years. Don’t remember where I got it. Probably at a thrift store or maybe on clearance at a craft store. It may have been meant for children.

I don’t really know. I feel like I just want to play with thread and see what happens.

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I draw my designs onto paper and then copy the design onto Sulky. I can easily change the design by whiting out the parts I don’t want to stitch or just leave them and mark them through. I mostly stitch random, so I don’t use Sulky or my designs much.

I enjoy slow stitching or stitching with felt or watercolors.

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I had decided not to bother with a color key. Changed my mind when I remembered that I can think some weird thoughts which lead to some weird actions when I least expect it. :joy: I used my first transfer printout, which was too big for the hoop, to make my key.

I got started today with my stitching! :woman_cartwheeling:t4: I was told that as a child I was obsessed with lace-up cards. To my spirit, hand-embroidery is similar. I’m sure that’s the main reason that I’m so excited to get started on a real project.

I chose the backstitch to outline the hand. I learned that I can tell when I did not stitch it correctly when I can see a tiny bit of white between the stitches. The back stitch is supposed to go totally back into the hole that the last stitch came out of. I did do well, for the most part. There are just a few white gaps and of course the stitch lengths are not all uniform, yet. I also removed/redid 3 stitches because I just couldn’t take their odd angles.

I hope to do a little bit each day. Since I’ve gotten this far, I think I’ll be able to finish this month. Good luck to everyone!


Looking good!! It looks like your thread is covering the pencil…woohoo!

I’ve never made a color key before, that’s pretty impressive!

And I ALWAYS have to redo stitches. It can be annoying, but it’s so worth it. A little bit of white showing between stitches is likely not noticeable…I sure can’t see any. :slight_smile:

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Looking good!


I love your progress…and learning what things drive you mad and how you can make changes on the fly…it is going to be lovely!!!


Do you have any tips on working text/words? Years ago, I did some peppers on napkins.

For the words Pepper Pepper!, I did a tight running stitch and didn’t like the pixelated look, though it could be useful for some projects. For my words Lemon Love, I plan to use the backstitch, which will close up the spaces. Do you suggest anything else?

And thanks everyone for the sweet comments! :yellow_heart:


I usually do backstitch for lettering. I use more/shorter stitches for curves to help it seem smoother and less blocky.

I have used stem stitch for lettering, and know some stitchers swear by it. Sometimes I find it too fiddly, especially for smaller letters.