3D Quilt Gift Box

Since retiring my MIL has taken up quilting and become a Quilter-with-a-capital-Q! So when I saw the files for this project on sale, I swooped 'em up and set about finding papers.


She let slip one of her favorite color combinations: (blue, red, white), so I spent the summer finding 6 different kinds of printed cardstock with that in mind. The directions for the project didn’t call for it, but I went ahead and added some blue embroidery floss knots at the inside corners to give it a little hand-tied look.


The rest of the box is intended to look wood-ish with metal bands attached by rivots. So brown cardstock, metallic black cardstock, and black brads were put to use.


The box is about 11.5" (29.2 cm) square and 4.5" (11.5) high (including the raised part of the lid).


We’ll be putting a the rest of her wrapped gifts inside so it will be a box and a gift! I think she’ll probably display this in her sewing room or seasonally in her family room.

I used my Cricut Explore and files from svgcuts.com.


No way! So good! I can’t even wrap my head around this. It’s so pretty. Much like I can’t believe it’s not butter, my brain can’t register that it’s not fabric.


Ok you have topped your own best, with this one! The intricacies of the different prints & folds on top!!! Wow.

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This is so beautiful, it looks so much like fabric.

Thanks everyone! This one was definitely kind of tricky with the folds, but the svg files come with great written directions along with an instructional video.


This really does look like fabric!

This is really beautiful and very special project for a quilter!

Super cool! I love that your packaging is so thoughtful. A gift in and of itself!

That picture from the “what are you working on” thread makes much more sense now! :grin:


Waaaaaay cooooool!
Mmm, maybe I’ve had enough alcohol :cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:for the evening

Can you use any svg file? Have you tried making your own?

Thanks so much, all!

I don’t know the answer to the first question. I have made a few of my own, but none that make 3D projects.

I had been wondering how you made this, it’s beautiful! I’m sure she’ll love it.

amaze balls! She’s gonna love it!

Absolutely stunning my Friend.

When I saw your photo in the working on thread, I thought they were fabrics that would make a lovely quilt. You did a fantastic job of picking our coordinating papers. And, the bits of tied floss really do enhance the quilt effect. You are simply amazing!


Thanks soooo much!

@craftADDchick @endymion @calluna THANKS so much! I tried really hard to get papers that had a cotton print feel in this colorway and it was pretty dang challenging - especially in a scale that would work for the size of the pieces.


This is so beautiful!

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I was asking because I see some svg files on thingiverse.com and you can create your own on tinkercad.com

I know svg is used for laser cutting, I didn’t realize paper cutters can use it, too.

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I think pretty much anything that uses a grid to cut or draw uses svgs to tell the tool how to move across a surface.


Oh, wow! This is gorgeous!