3rd completed art journal of 2020

I’m still working away of my goal of finishing up all my random art journals I’ve started and not finished over the years.

This one was mostly finished. It was probably started about 2-3 years ago. It was a giant kids drawing pad I got at a reuse center for $1. I cut half the pages out - they were nice and thick.

I’m not got to post every pic. There a lot. But here are some of them.


That bird makes me smile :slightly_smiling_face: I also love the picture of the outside with all the page textures teasing and inviting to look at all the art! Great job finishing it!!!

It’s great. And all three pages work together in a really cohesive way. It’s really nice and good job on finishing it.

Aaaa these look so good.

I’m itching to look at all of these deliciously chunky pages… nicely crafted!

Brilliant! I feel inspired :smiley:

Congrats! Your Art Journal is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to rock it!

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