4x6 Art Swap Round 9 Gallery

Link to swap thread: 4x6 Art Swap - Round 9 - Send out June 29, 2024

Post your art here!!!


I received this lovely mosaic from @Tapestry … I am very interested to hear her technique!

Thank you!


I received this adorable turtle art from @pioneer9! The background is awesome. Love the contrast with the subject! I will have to hide this from my daughters. :wink:


Love the mosaic and the turtle!

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I received the best bird today in the mail from @Tapestry - looks like we have an animal theme going!

Such amazing details! She used liquid graphite, black and white acrylic inks, and some metallic watercolor. I already have it in a frame displayed with other Lettucecrafter art on my mantel

She also sent 2 fun stickers

Thanks so much @Jenn!


@pioneer9 - so glad it arrived safe! I used a mountain of bubble wrap, but still. I’ll make a post for the mosaic with full details Sunday.

@jeanneleigh - I love your art mantle and I’m so honored to have a piece there with such lovely company!


I received an awesome cyanotype print from @jeanneleigh! I love this fern!!

She also sent a super cool card and a bonus feather print that had some water, salt, and turmeric applied.

Thank you @jeanneleigh!! I love it!!


I came home to two awesome envelopes with lovely art!

First my very own cyanotype prints from @jeanneleigh! They’re so delicate and lovely. The science of them fascinates me.

Next, a colorful and wise crow from @pioneer9:

Thank you both for the beautiful art!


Received this stunning piece from @Abbeeroad today! Thanks so much, I love it!


And received this piece of mixed media loveliness from @geekgirl this morning! Thank you!


Received a lovely lady from @Abbeeroad!

Thank you- I love her!


I received this beauty from @Myrthena yesterday!

The backing is corkboard, which gives the piece a lovely, literal soft feel.

I love it; thank you!


I received from @JellyBean
A marvellous mushroom landscape with pencil and one to color myself and some goodies.

Thank youi


I also received from @Myrthena!

Thank you so much! Now I need to find a good frame for it so I can hang it on my wall. :grin:


Wow! We’ve had some gorgeous pieces added to the gallery. I’ve been sick in bed the past week so I haven’t been able to enjoy the art!

@tapestry That mosaic is sooooo cool. What a fun idea to think outside the box. It makes me want to get out my shrink plastic and play! The bird is so fabulous! I can’t believe you were able to achieve that lifelike of a drawing on a 4x6 format!

@pioneer9 I LOVE the turtle. The saying and the expression are priceless and I love the starburst background pattern. The crow is amazing! I love the colorful background with the black bird. Stunning work!

@jeanneleigh Those cyanotypes are gorgeous. I looked up the process for those and had no idea they were so delicate and time consuming. The one with the water, salt and turmeric applied looks like magic. Do they just kind of create a resist or is there something chemical involved?

@Abbeeroad I just love the pieces that you made for this swap. They look so ethereal and delicate while being free-spirited and playful. Your style really makes me happy. :slight_smile:

@geekgirl Your butterfly piece is a layering masterpiece. I love the texture! Was part of what you used corregated box for the background?

@myrthena Gorgeous pieces! I’d love to learn more about how you made them! The colors are amazing.

@jellybean I LOVE that little mushroom village! It’s adorable and the little ferns and lightning bugs are the perfect touches!

I received this amazing watercolor froggie from @gozer. Just look at that sweet expression! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much!


So a cute froggy :slight_smile:

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Love the frog!
@Kwality570 hate to hear you’ve been sick and hope you’re feeling better now!
The water and salt interact a little with the cyanotype chemicals to give it a more watercolor feel (as opposed to the solid strong blue). The turmeric is sprinkled on and will give a slight yellow color wherever it lands. They’re fun to do because you never know exactly how they’re going to turn out!

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@Kwality570 - I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! I hope you are feeling 100% better.

@gozer - love the frog and your color blends!

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I received from our esteemed organizer yesterday. She sent me one of her signature monsters. This one has cute little pom-pom antennas. The border is metallic paint and it is amazing! I couldn/t capture the intensity of the colors. As anyone who has ever gotten a Kwality-Monster, they are so much better in person. And they are amazing in photos too!

PS. This is especially perfect because we say this in my family all the time.


Adorable! That’s one of my fave sayings as well.