4x6 Fractal Art Calendar Page Envelopes

Fittingly, my first full project of 2024 was turning my 2023 calendar into envelopes. These are slightly bigger (4x6) than my usual calendar envelopes because I used a new template – that is, took apart and traced a bigger envelope.

Here’s a shot of most of them; we had a very gloomy weather week, and I needed one to mail something before I had a opportunity to get a good photo :woman_facepalming:t2:.

The calendar was Fractal Cosmos: The Mathematical Art of Alice Kelley, so credit to Alice Kelley for all the artwork here. Thanks for looking!


They are beautiful! What a great way to recycle your old calendar. (The photo looks lovely to me, too.)


Very cool! And yes, so very you!


What a cool way to start off a year!


Wait… you make all your envelopes by hand? You don’t use an envelope-maker-thingy? They’re always so precise! My envelopes that I did by hand were somehow always wonky. Snaps to you!


Thanks, everyone!

Yeah, I don’t have a scoreboard or anything. It’s good couch project, and not a lot of my crafts lend themselves to that.

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Handmade envelopes always elevate a piece of mail! Love it!