4x6s from Cool Magazine Images

I’ve been pulling a lot pages from my Real Simple magazines lately because they’re just really striking. In an effort to get in the habit of actually using them for crafts, I recently cut some down for 4x6 pieces.

“Don’t be fooled by first impressioins.” (Like, for example, the impression that that’s my typo. I swear that’s what it says on the fortune, and I’m totally fine with it. twitch)

My foray into found poetry. The strip along the bottom and corresponding bit at the top are from a masterboard by @Reinikka; the other paper is a gelli print(?) by @geekgirl.

“the fury of a man revenging himself
given to extravagant and absurd reveries,
the life he led was exactly what suited him.”

And finally, the screwdrivers. I actually used up an embellishment I’d made and then not done anything with (one down, upteen to go :laughing:)!

Thanks for looking!


I like your magazine collages!

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Those are some really cool images!

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Now I want raspberries!

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I love these so much! Your creativity and wry humour make me smile!

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Very cool! Your poem is my favourite :slight_smile:
I love how you collaborated with other crafters on your pieces :sunglasses:

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I love how the words you’ve used fit with the images. I’m especially fond of the found poem and the screwdrivers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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These a just plain cool. You’ve really used the magazine images to their best showing; they draw you in, but then the other details hold your gaze.

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Thanks, everyone! I don’t typically do a lot of just-because/no-plan crafting, so these were a bit of a stretch.

Thank you for saying that, because in my mind some of them kind of felt like non sequiturs. Like, my brain wants the raspberry one to be about fruit or gardening or at least blowing raspberries or something, so this is a good reminder for me that even pieces that are non-matchy to me can make total sense to someone else.