Scrappy Jobbers

During the Zoom Anniversary Crafting Party yesterday, I put together some embellishments from bits that I should have put away a long time ago had handy on the crafting table. In an artful pile:

Some smaller group shots:
Snow squall 1
Thanks for looking!


What a good idea! I have a shoe box that I labeled do-dads that is just filled with “stuff”…I will have to remember this for our next ZOOM…it is easy to listen to everyone and do something like this…very creative!


they look fun!

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They are great! Well done :grinning:

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Thanks, everyone!

It’s a nice option especially for when you don’t really feel inspired to start something/work on a WIP. Actually, a lot of these incorporate the graph paper I Sharpied as busycraft during the Halloween Zoom party :laughing: .

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This turned out great! And I agree that this seems like the perfect kind of project to work on while Crafty Zooming.