50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

Good way to get back on track:
2023 Completed Projects by Month


  1. Loom Bracelets (with Daughter
  2. Native American Village (with Son - School Project)

I’m working on what will be my 4th project for the year… if I can make myself keep going, that is. Not difficult, just tedious and dull. All the feather/down throw pillow inserts shed their dang feathers through their own fabric and the covers I’ve made. Pokey and messy. So I ordered fabric designed just for this purpose and blarg, what a drag. Doesn’t help that no two forms are the same size so I can’t semi-mindlessly cut. Le sigh.

Thanks for the vent, now back to cutting.


I’ve started 2 projects that hopefully won’t take eleventy-million years to complete. I managed 25/50 last year but some of them were like the Thing that took Aaaaaaages. I’m looking for a few nice-but-quick wins around here for first quarter crafting.


I am in. I hope to finish the two blankets I have done. I need to make the baby some warm pants for next winter. I didn’t get to this year because I was so busy.

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Rethink a supply or project you have had in your pile for a while. Make it into something else. It can be functional or just for show.

Make something that can be used more than once.

Make something for yourself.

Make something warm (if you are in a cold place) or something cool (if you are in a hot place).

Make something inspired by someone here.

Prompts are to help you get going if you like using them! Do none, one or all! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just saw the prompts for January, but just added a new finish to my list that is something that can be used more than once, for myself! I am midway through a project that is from materials I decided to rethink and put to use as something totally different. NEATO!


Once again this year, I’m hoping to do some smaller projects. I say this every year and then continue to work on big projects that take me forever :laughing:

Hopeful projects

  1. Collage art
  2. pillow cases
  3. hot pads
  4. forever quilt
  5. fabric coasters

Completed projects

  1. crochet water balls
  2. ATC for bluebird in Jan. ATC swap.
  3. ATC for thanate in Feb ATC swap
  4. Valentine Cards
  5. ATC 2 Feb swap
  6. ATC 3 Feb swap
  7. Labyrinth ATC March swap
  8. Salted Carmel socks for Jerry
  9. Family mugs group 1
  10. mugs group 2
  11. Elegant Shell tunic
  12. Open diamond macrame plant holder
  13. Sweet 16 mandala
  14. Frogs in suits ATC Sept swap
  15. Watercolor ATC Sept swap
  16. Sunflower ATC Oct. swap
  17. Halloween rug
  18. Swimsuit ATC Oct. swap
  19. Tree lamp
  20. Christmas village gazebo

First finished project for 2023…year of the rabbit. Something I made for me!


Oooh, that is so nice! :heart_eyes:

Wow! An awesome version!

Oooo. That’s very nice. It seems simple at first, but there is a lot to see when you really look at it.

First project of the year is done. I made some crochet water balls/balloons. I’m starting with 3 and letting the kids test them out before I make more. I used a pattern from Ravelry.


I finished four rosaries and fixed two more. I also painted a skyscape while my kids painted yesterday.




If these ones don’t work out, try this pattern Reusable water balloons. I use chenille yarn for maximum water retention. :grin:

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Whenever I see chenille, I always think of Chenille O’Neil from The Office (American version).

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I finished another three, quick projects. Necklaces all from stash, so that’s a bonus.


I love purple! Those will be a lovely addition to your wardrobe!

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For some reason I didn’t post as many things as I made last year. :grimacing:
I went over my goal but gave most of the items away or sold them and forgot to take pictures beforehand. (if I counted correctly then my total was 78 items)
This year I’ll try to post more.
My goal is to buy only thread if I need it.
My stash is getting overwhelmingly big :sweat:

No list this year I’ll just add when I finish something


1.-4. barbie dress
image image image
5. barbie coat
6. doll shoes
7.-8. barbie shorts and trousers
9. doll hat
10. play handbag
11. play wallet
12. baby hat

13. baby headband
14.-15. Rabbit window
image image
16. Plastic bread bags upcycle
17.Crochet triangle shawl

18.Adult merit badge
19.-21. Stamps
22. Easter decoration


Some items I have finished for the little ones. :smile:
Currently trying to use up all of my scraps.

![IMG_20230116_090849|370x500, 50%]



oh, I love seeing doll clothes! I still have two Barbie’s and one Skipper that I love to make clothes for…might have to take a break from my big projects to make them a new outfit! Welcome back! have fun and keep on crafting!

That hoodie sweater is just TOO CUTE!!!