50 Projects in 2020

I’ve been busy crafting and not keeping up with my list of finished projects.

I made a baby blanket for my niece and nephew’s baby girl (due this Spring), still need to weave in the ends (I’ll take more pics and give it its own post when I do).

I’m working on a shawl for myself, and when questioned by DS2 about it, he demanded a new scarf for himself. Adorable little tyrant. I made this bandana cowl out of yarn I spun myself.

DS2 has a birthday coming up, and is a big Minions fan, so I made him this weekender bag. It was a fun project.


Love the colors on the baby afghan…it will last a long time as the baby gets older!

Your son knows how to take advantage of his talented mom’s skills! How cool is that bandana!

Of course, the bag…is it just amazing!

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The shawl is so bright and lovely. I’m sure it will be treasured forever! The bandana cowl has such a pretty yarn! Hand-spun :heart:

Oh, the minions weekender bag is awesome!

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I finished a rainbow mug rug last night, and then made some Valentine’s cookies this morning… I’m on a roll!


I love love love that baby afghan! Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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I made a couple zip pouches. The first is a hummingbird zipper pouch which was my offering for the Feb stitchalong and the second was a *youre pouch which used up fabric purchased years ago that I’m using as a Nerd Games zap.


@Lynx2Lancer Lovely pouches! The fabric for the hummingbird looks like bubble-wrap.

Next batch of doll dresses for the list.

Plus another one for my bigger dolls. This is actually a muslin for reworking a pattern I tried last year. It still needs some work but turned out relatively well.


I know you told us in previous years, but how big are these dolls?

@AIMR They’re all sorts of size. The ones above are around 16cm and 45cm .

Thanks…I thought the little ones were about six inches…wow…that is why their dresses are so darned cute!!!

Regarding the Diamond Art/Painting

I have a friend that has done a bunch of them. She said to make sure to leave something heavy (books, heavy framed print with maybe more books?) atop it following completion to help the crystals adhere well.

I also ordered myself a diamond painting ruler online. Another friend said she could’ve used it because some of her lines weren’t straight. I bought myself a partial kit at the first of December, with Santa, and haven’t started on it yet. Of course then later saw them for 80% off. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Ooh, @wereradletshug do you have a picture of your fussy cut sampler? I’d love to see it (sorry if you posted it further down in this thread, I’m still at the very top reading through everything)!

@AudiobookLover I’ll be photographing it today, so I’ll be sure to tag you when I post it here as well as the post link :slight_smile:

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Finished a dress. Not sure if I’m digging the cut and drape on me, but that is not the fault of the pattern. I knew what it would look like; I just forget that the cut doesn’t always look so good on me. Anyhow, I’ll still wear it just maybe not to work.


I think it would make for a nice underpiece, maybe under a cool little cardigan or jacket or a loose blouse over it…what fabric did you use?


Apologies for another project dump of doll dresses. They’re quick and easy stashbusters and are a great holding pattern until I figure out what other project I want to tackle next.

I’m counting batches of three in the same size as a “project” so these are a mix of some I finished last month and a few that snuck in with the February thing-a-day challenge.
First up we have a set for my 27cm crew:

And then some for the 30cm doll,

And finally a representative sample of the 5 dresses I made using some cute vintage fabric from my great-aunt’s stash that have all gone on to new homes. I am in love with how they turned out.

That’s all for now! More later, hopefully with a bit more variety in projects not just fabric.


Oh good idea, I should throw a jacket on it and see if that helps. It’s a textured jersey material.

You can it better in this image.


Haven’t really completed my own project. But I did help my mom with a project of hers. I helped finish this table runner top last night. And then I quilted it today. But never took a picture. It was just stitch in the ditch anyway so nothing amazing.


That color scheme is always a winner! Pretty fabrics and design…

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I love that table runner! It’s got that happy, scrappy style that makes it look like a well loved heirloom that’s been around for years and years. And really, how can you go wrong with a good stitch in the ditch?

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