50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

I’m in again, too! I already started a list in my fresh new craft notebook so I’ll transcribe it here for safe keeping. Last year I managed about 25. I spent the past month going through stash and ordering a few kits so I’m all set up for what I anticipate to be a long winter stretch of not going anywhere.
Christmas Countdown Calendar, Project Keeper, House elf ornament, knitted dolly (with clothes or topsy-turvy maybe), House shaped tissue box cover, Reusable party decorations, storage for Baby Bee’s numerous toys and activities, random slippers, Fork and Spoon, Paint mirror for BB room, wall decor prints framed, Chair socks, easter eggs, easter basket, fishing game for 2 players, Needle Minder kit, Star Wars kit, candle mat kit, Crows Felt kit, Gnome kit, turtle kit, Christmas socks, circus mouse, Mouse friend, craft space created, Family Yearbook, friend Yearbook, Mando/Grogu ornament, Coffee Press Cozy, something to use the Puffin Rock Patches, rabbit or dog ears hat, FPY used up, Activity kits for clubhouse, button garland,

Completed: 17
January: “friend” yearbook, teeny tiny snowman, 2 handkites, Mending [Valentine wreath, ] Cousin’s Yoga Socks,
February: Little Stuffie Heart, Another heart, 4 more hearts, December Baby blanket, cardboard clubhouse, wedding invite plaque thing, DGY bowl, Fair Isle Hat,


While I don’t make a list, I add as I create, I’m in again as usual. I can’t break tradition!


THANK YOU @AIMR for putting this together again!

I woke up to see 20 new threads this morning and boy was it nice to see that 50 Projects for the new year was one! WOO! I just added 118 and 119 to my 2020 list and today is busy enough that I don’t think I’ll make it to a nice, round 220 for 2020. However, I shan’t fret.

I mostly use every years’ thread to visually catalog that year’s accomplishments, but do like to put a few things on a list. I have never gotten all the things on the list done and I have never let that bother me, because I can see all the other things I made! :smile:

A few things I would like/should do in 2021 are (some are there from last year!):
Built-in bookcases
Redo the under-stairs pantry
Funsies for my Covid 50th Birthday

Something for a better backdoor firewood situation

The things I actually do/make will go here:


  1. First FP of 2021: A collar cozy for Delia!





  1. IYP Swap Extra #1 (pic to be posted after partner receives)

  2. IYP Swap Project #2 (pic to be posted after partner receives)


  1. IYP Swap Extra #2 (pic to be posted after partner receives)

  2. IYP Swap Project #1 (pic to be posted after partner receives)

  3. IYP Swap Extra #3 (pic to be posted after partner receives)


I already have lists for 2021. Big surprise there. We’ll see how well I stick to them and if I actually finish off the WIPs I started with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  1. Lost In Time shawl
  2. Hat for MIL
  3. Camouflage cardigan
  4. Merino/silk yarn in blue
  5. Merino/silk yarn in green
  6. Cowl for BIL1
  7. Cowl for SIL1
  8. Face masks (19)
  9. Crochet Heart Coaster
  10. Camouflage Slippers for DH
  11. Crochet Bowls (2)

  12. If I Fits I Sits Embroidery Hoop


  1. Dragon ami #1
  2. Dragon ami #2
  3. Archimedes amigurumi
  4. Restore Betty
  5. Hobbes stuffie
  6. Scrappy pillow quilt
  7. Ripple afghan
  8. Embroidered night sky bookmark
  9. Loom-knit socks for DH
  10. Oriental Star Scrap-ghan
  11. BJD
  12. Quilt for DS2

To Do:

  1. Basket for DS1’s bike
  2. Spin enough yarn for sweater
  3. QOV for R.
  4. Pinafore/dress for DGNi2
  5. Quilt for DGNe1
  6. Quilt for DGNe2
  7. Quilt for DGNe3
  8. #Shirtstorm shirt for DH
  9. Alterations on shirt dress
  10. Loom-knit socks for FIL
  11. Table cloth for kids’ table
  12. Sweater for DGNe4

Nice list…I keep adding to mine but then I start something else not on the list…it will be interesting to see what I actually do…I still have about 20 things from 2020…so either they are “must do’s” that I am avoiding, or they need to leave my list…there is a reason they aren’t done, lol


I’m starting 2021 off right! I just posted no sew re-upholstered ottoman storage footstool as my first project of the year to my post!


2020 was so non-crafty for me. Hopefully I have 2021 crafty mojo



Love the color. Pretty and practical! Nice job.

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I think this might be the year I re-do my old sewing machine chair…the last time I recovered it was probably ten years ago…it is looking a bit tired and dated…but it has piping on it and I remember what a pain it was to staple all of that on and then the fabric as well…but, I did get an automatic electric stapler…it is almost a weapon! lol


Saving a spot for my 50 Projects in 2021 :smiley:

Completed projects:


  1. 2 x Mini Quilts for my puppies 2/1/21
    image image
  2. Art Journal Page from Craftalong 11/1/21
  3. Sewing Machine Cover for susieoregon 18/1/21
  4. 10 x Valentine’s Day Cards for LC exchange 19/1/21
  5. Minecraft Cross Body Bag 23/1/21
  6. 7 x LC Patches for swaps & thankyous 25/1/21
  7. Patchwork Zippered Pouch 26/1/21
  8. Quarantine Quilting Bee Round 2 Patch Digital Design 26/1/21
  9. Fennel Fanny Pack 31/1/21

10. 12 Quarantine Quilting Bee Patches 13/2/21

11. 2 blocks for QQB 13/2/21
12. Large item for IYP swap (secret squirrel) 14/2/21
13. Giant Bluey Cushion for Blake 21/2/21

14. Bluey Bunting for Blake 22/2/21

15. Bluey Bunting for Scarlett 22/2/21

16. ‘Brights’ Bunting for Lettuce All Raffle 22/2/21

17. Gryffindor Bunting 22/2/21

18. QQB Quilt blocks set 2 22/2/21

Christmas Economy Block Quilt (project started 14 Jan '21)
Giant Bluey cushion for Scarlett (project started 16 Jan '21)
Stitch on Banner (project started 3 June '20)
Honey Maker Mini Quilt (project started 8 June '20)
Modern Maples Quilt (project started Feb '15)
Plaid Quilt (project started 19 September '20)
Zombie Quilt (for Karlie DEC, project started circa '11)
Lunar Module Embroidery (project started April '20)
Halloween October Calendar Cross Stitch
Pretty Little Seattle Cross Stitch
Scattegories Pouch (project started 22 August '20)

Proposed ideas:
QQB Blocks Sets 3-12
Flipping Out Bag
Potluck Pals
Raspberry Rucksack
Tub Family
Stash and Dash
Union Jack Cushion
Mini Maker Case
Candy Jar Quilt (for Scarlett DEC)
Bugs in Jars Quilt (for Blake DEC)
Costermonger Bag, Merchant & Mills
Tarot Cross Stitch Tryptich
Flora Supply Case
Travel Outbound Bag
Stitch and Go Case
HP Themed Sew Together Bag
Autumn themed hall table runner

Mini Quilt for Abbeeroad
3 ATCs for Roler
2 kawaii ATCs (s-b)
Craft My Collectable
Craft My Collectable
Craft My Collectable
IYP 3 x small/medium
Use What You Have Rd 2 - 1 medium & 2 small

Kicks Modern Quilt
Pretty Little Washington DC cross stitch
Pretty Little San Francisco cross stitch
Pretty Little New York cross stitch
Lunchtime Quilt


I did 30 projects last year which is a lot for me, but I’d like to do even better this year!

I’d love to join!


  1. Blue-green skirt
  2. Embroidered Christmas tablecloth
  3. Crochet blanket
  4. Yellow dress
  5. International friendship hexie swap quilt
  6. Farmer’s Wife 1930s quilt blocks from scraps
  7. Pineapple print dress
  8. Hoopla Take life one stitch at a time!
  9. Stitched zipper pouches
  10. Stitched tote bag Kitchenware tote bag
  11. Card Card
  12. Flower print dress
  13. Retro apron
  14. Vermeer needlepunch
  15. Grey socks
  16. Pincushion
  17. BOM January Sawtooth star
  18. Doll pillow and blanket set Doll pillow and blanket

I seem to begin a list and then lurk for the rest of the year, so perhaps I shouldn’t bother with the list, and just go straight to the lurking? Hm…


Some people just aren’t list people! You can just keep track as you get your projects done…I find that I make more stuff off my list than on it! lol


I am totally a list person, but mostly lists of things I haven’t done yet rather than things I’ve finished with! (also, going back to add stuff was another layer of too much for my ADD to bother with…)

Maybe I should just try to add numbers to things & post them as I go along.


That is mostly how I participate! It’s a great memory aid; when I try to just remember what I made in the past [unit of time longer than a week or two] I always forget most of it. It’s so fun and satisfying to look back at my list here! In 2020, I just put a number and a pic for the most part and I gotta say that I love to scroll that post!


Me too. It’s fun to have a place to have all the completed projects in one spot and look back at all that was accomplished!


Hopefully going to be crafting more this year.

Tunic Done :slight_smile: 1/14

Scrappy Quilt
Coral Dress
Keychain Pouches
Doll clothes
Flying Geese Star Quilt

Polymer Clay:
Doll Shoes
Doll Jewelry Stands

Doll Jewelry

Pink Mug
Honey Pot

figure out Thai Soup
gluten free recipes/binder


@thanate, I’m also too ADD to actually create a list and work from it all year long. I posted a list, but I’m pretty sure it will look completely different at the end of the year. I have also never joined a 50 projects group before because it felt like too much pressure and gave me anxiety. This year I have decided to push past my anxiety and do my best. I will be content if I finish 10 or 50. The fellowship of this group is the most important thing. :heart:


I’m in as always. I have a few things I need to do this year.


I signed up last year and then have done hardly a crafty thing at all (except masks - plenty of masks). However, I just started organizing my craft closet and found a billion WIPs and previously-planned items so I am going to give this another shot. I’ve been missing craftiness!

Here’s some potential projects, most have been planned or in the works for a very long time. Despite the length of the list (and the name of the craftalong), my actual goal is more like a project a month. So I shall see how I do in cutting it down.

  • WIP: Alpine fabric big purse for self
  • WIP: Quirky grunge tote bag
  • WIP: Quirky Flash Gordon tote bag
  • WIP: Quirky Batman tote bag
  • WIP: Quirky Western purse
  • Planned: Skirt for self from West African fabric
  • Planned: Pajama pants for self from anchors fabric
  • Page(s) of travel scrapbook
  • Page (s) of undergrad scrapbook
  • Create cover for spice rack (sewn?)
  • Build Little Free Library
  • Build raised garden beds
  • Fingerprint embroidery
  • Constellation embroidery
  • My city themed embroidery
  • “Head with ideas” embroidery
  • Tea cozy (with or without irony)
  • Try out crochet
  • Try out arm knitting
  • Try making something miniature
  • Masks, but the ones with the seam down the middle