50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

Time to put 2020 behind us and move forward with hope and creativity in 2021!

Many of us managed to get through a bad and weird year by crafting and creating things for ourselves, our families, and our friends. It was also a year for many to be generous with their time and supplies by making masks for them and our communities.

Some people lost their creative drive and could barely think about doing anything other than survive it all, from financial to social to emotional problems…

We are at our new crafting home for one year in 2021. Time to celebrate by making all the things!

Same rules as previous years:

Have fun!

Make a list if you want, then post pics to your list.

Forget the list, and post what you have made as you get them done.

Post here but don’t forget to post in the specific categories as well so that others can see!

Remember, the craftalong is for you to use the way that works for you…whether you post one project or 500, the most important rule is the first one: have fun!


Bookmark your list so you can easily find it to update.

Be sure and set notifications to see other lists and postings.

Shrink your pictures in your own list by putting 25% behind the picture size…don’t forget the comma first!

Stay tuned for some challenges and contests…


Proposed List:

Linen Towels
Deer Heart Cross stitch
Reindeer Cross Stitch
Winter wonderland Cross Stitch
Ornaments cross stitch
Gnome ornaments
Elf ornaments for bunting
Skeleton Couple
Scrappy birds
Fabric Beads
Boho bracelets
Scrappy fish
Fabric Pumpkins
Solid colored masks
Felt Christmas Sweeties (3)
Madonna Shrines
Sewing table curtains
Studio Curtains
Painted birdhouses
Domino accordian book
Advent calendar from box
Junk Journal book cover
scrappy pouches - quilted, boho
Felt ornaments
One thing from my Pinterest board every month! 1
Clothing: tunic, petticoats, dotted top, black knit skirt, smock,
Quilt along
Shawl along

at least 50 things!

Actual List:

13. Bernie crochet amigurumi for Donelle
12. Rust striped linen towels

11. Jan 21 quilt BOM
10. Reindeer mug rug
9. Holiday Dresser runner
8. Holiday scrappy coasters
7. Fabric scrap embellishments

6. Greeting card bowl

5. Zoom Art 1/10/21

2.-4. Mushroom Embroidery

  1. Collection Collage

Woohoo! I’m nearly up to 50 projects for 2020 (3 to go) and the craftalong has inspired me to do my best to hit that number between today and tomorrow. I plan on doing at least 50 in 2021 as well and will post my projects here.

Thank you @AIMR for posting/hosting this inspiring craftalong!




  1. No Sew Re-Upholstered Ottoman Storage Footstool
  2. Puffins on Rocks Felt Square
  3. January BOM for Quiltalong
  4. 2018 Row by Row Experience block, pieced only
  5. Christmas Cards to Gift Tags
  6. Another set of Christmas cards to gift tags

Yay 2021.
Hopefully the first project:


My Project Ideas:

Masks (obviously)
Embroidered mask
Vendor apron
Bag from vintage calendar dish towel
3 or more Girl Scout projects with my Brownies
Faux taxidermy - Deer? Goat? Cow?
Two Needle felted teddy bears
Needle felted Christmas ornaments
Felted mittens
Christmas tote from vintage table cloth
Felted flowers
Felted egg cup pin cushions
Bench cushion
Embroidered cuckoo clock
Swap projects for my LC peeps

I used to think 50 projects in a year was beyond my reach. That was until I made piles and piles of masks. Now it seems a lot more reasonable. :grin:

Completed projects:

  1. Lace flowers. My son gave me a bud vase for Christmas and I needed something to put in it. They aren’t my favorite flowers, but I was working from stash and have A LOT of vintage polyester lace to use up. :flushed::flushed:

  1. A couple masks to freshen up my wardrobe.

This shawl is so pretty! It looks lovely and lightweight.

I counted my masks in groups…I never thought I would live for the day when armies of people got together to make masks for our communities…I hope we can make other things in 2021…I did see an appeal for Quilt for Kids that I might join again.

I also like that shawl…I just need to see what I have in stock…I am determined not to buy more yarn until I use what I have and finish a multitude of yarn WIPS!


Ooh, perfect project for the new Quiltalong @AudiobookLover and I are hosting!


It is, I chose a different colour combo but it should still look great.

Not that I needed more yarn!! :thinking::scream:

Destash 2021 needs to start!!:grinning:


I’m on board! I was starting a list of things already to order supplies for.

• crocheted earrings

quilted dish mats

• living room blanket for Pilot
• crocodile stitch bags/pouches x 4
• door wreath x2
• crocheted plant hangers
• throw pillow cover
• repaint bookcase
• dog proof the garden
• create miniatures for my book nook
• finish 10 pages of my herbarium
• make curtains for space above fridge
• paint file cabinet
• paint bathroom sink cabinet
• turtle keychain
• eyeball pouch
• autumn garland

• Valentine’s Day cards


I’m in again, too! I already started a list in my fresh new craft notebook so I’ll transcribe it here for safe keeping. Last year I managed about 25. I spent the past month going through stash and ordering a few kits so I’m all set up for what I anticipate to be a long winter stretch of not going anywhere.
Christmas Countdown Calendar, Project Keeper, Fair Isle knit hat, House elf ornament, knitted dolly (with clothes or topsy-turvy maybe), Wedding invitation wood wall hanging, House shaped tissue box cover, Reusable party decorations, storage for Baby Bee’s numerous toys and activities, random slippers, Fork and Spoon, Paint mirror for BB room, Cousin’s yoga socks, wall decor prints framed, Chair socks, easter eggs, easter basket, baby gift for Baby New Year, fishing game for 2 players, Needle Minder kit, Star Wars kit, candle mat kit, Crows Felt kit, turtle kit, Christmas socks, circus mouse, Mouse friend, craft space created, Family Yearbook, friend Yearbook, Mando/Grogu ornament, Coffee Press Cozy, something to use the Puffin Rock Patches, rabbit or dog ears hat, FPY used up, Activity kits for clubhouse, button garland

Completed: 5
January: “friend” yearbook, teeny tiny snowman, 2 handkites, Mending [Valentine wreath, ]


While I don’t make a list, I add as I create, I’m in again as usual. I can’t break tradition!


THANK YOU @AIMR for putting this together again!

I woke up to see 20 new threads this morning and boy was it nice to see that 50 Projects for the new year was one! WOO! I just added 118 and 119 to my 2020 list and today is busy enough that I don’t think I’ll make it to a nice, round 220 for 2020. However, I shan’t fret.

I mostly use every years’ thread to visually catalog that year’s accomplishments, but do like to put a few things on a list. I have never gotten all the things on the list done and I have never let that bother me, because I can see all the other things I made! :smile:

A few things I would like/should do in 2021 are (some are there from last year!):
Built-in bookcases
Redo the under-stairs pantry
Funsies for my Covid 50th Birthday
Something for a better backdoor firewood situation

The things I actually do/make will go here:

  1. First FP of 2021: A collar cozy for Delia!



I already have lists for 2021. Big surprise there. We’ll see how well I stick to them and if I actually finish off the WIPs I started with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  1. Lost In Time shawl
  2. Hat for MIL


  1. Dragon ami #1
  2. Dragon ami #2
  3. Archimedes amigurumi
  4. Restore Betty
  5. Hobbes stuffie
  6. Scrappy pillow quilt
  7. Ripple afghan
  8. Embroidered night sky bookmark
  9. Loom-knit socks for DH
  10. Oriental Star Scrap-ghan
  11. Camo cardigan

To Do:

  1. Basket for DS1’s bike
  2. Spin enough yarn for sweater
  3. QOV for R.
  4. Quilt for DS2
  5. Quilt for DGNe1
  6. Quilt for DGNe2
  7. Quilt for DGNe3
  8. #Shirtstorm shirt for DH
  9. Alterations on shirt dress
  10. Loom-knit socks for FIL
  11. Table cloth for kids’ table
  12. Sweater for DGNe4
  13. Pinafore/dress for DGNi2
  14. Hat for BIL1
  15. Scarf for SIL1

Nice list…I keep adding to mine but then I start something else not on the list…it will be interesting to see what I actually do…I still have about 20 things from 2020…so either they are “must do’s” that I am avoiding, or they need to leave my list…there is a reason they aren’t done, lol


I’m starting 2021 off right! I just posted no sew re-upholstered ottoman storage footstool as my first project of the year to my post!


2020 was so non-crafty for me. Hopefully I have 2021 crafty mojo



Love the color. Pretty and practical! Nice job.

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I think this might be the year I re-do my old sewing machine chair…the last time I recovered it was probably ten years ago…it is looking a bit tired and dated…but it has piping on it and I remember what a pain it was to staple all of that on and then the fabric as well…but, I did get an automatic electric stapler…it is almost a weapon! lol