50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

I’m up for this… sure beats Ye Olde Resolutions List!
What I would like to see happen…

finish my rag rug
funny Make All the Things painting that I have had on my mind for a year
Paint some plant pots
play with my banana bars recipe for improvement
use the yellow donated curtains to create something
make a vest out of the sweater I just cut the cuffs off of to keep out the snow above my boots
take one of Mom’s old half done paintings and finish it, trying to match her style
illustrate the manuscript I am working on
use a crafting tool that was given to me years ago and remains unpacked
woodburning a walking stick
snow sculpture
make a tin shrine… it’s been awhile and I miss that mini joy
and sooo much more to come…


Have high hopes for a productive 2021!


  1. Set of Critical Role character ornaments
  2. Kinetic project

I have been a good girl and worked from my stash quite a bit lately. I’m rewarding myself with this fabric. I just ordered it and plan to make myself a half apron and a couple masks. I can hardly wait! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oh, that is very pretty!

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I obsessed over A LOT of prints before I finally landed on these two. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Those fabrics are so pretty!

Glad to see you guys adapting the craftalong to meet what you need…just come by and look and have fun…

Finished my first project for 2021…started yesterday…


Wow, those are just gorgeous. Are the all together in one piece or are they ATC’s? They would look lovely hanging on the wall. :blue_heart:

I really love this project! It’s just so sweet.

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I’m antsy and ready for school to start back up and all my other crafting plans are dependent on the mail order items I’m waiting on, so I made myself a couple new masks.


i think i’m going to have to join in on the fun and games. i havent had too much crafty good times in the last few year with my ridiculous work schedule, which has quashed my mojo quite a bit, but the swaps i participated in recently have definitely helped with that!!! so onwards, and upwards!!! not sure if i will hit 50, but i am definitely a “more is better than none” kind of person, so we’ll see how far i get.

plain vanilla socks = 2 feb - 50%, started SOCK TWO!!!
co for northeasterly on the 1st 14 mar - 30%?
finish rumi “you were born with potential” cross stitch
coffee table runner

dog sweater, for the dog
balaclava for the husbeast DONE - 29 jan
drag the cardinal embroidery/cross stitch for the mother back out, and finish (longshot. ha.)
calla cowl DONE - 31 jan
do a couple of rude cross stitches to brighten my mood.
pick up some woodworking skills and build some shelves for a couple of closets
pin penant
recipe book for the sisters and cousins from gma’s recipe books
knit curtain for laundry room and maybe one for back door


  • completed draft dodger for front door, 2 feb. big question is will i take a pic of it.

  • swap thing - 9 feb

  • cowl - 10 feb

  • coffee brown sugar body scrub bars - 10 feb

  • mittens - 13 feb

  • lace edged towel - 21 feb

  • dotty pots - 23 feb


  • pinwheel purse - 1 mar

  • tea cozy - 14 mar


  • scarf thing - 10 apr
  • mitred square discloth - 18 apr.
  • slippers for swap - 26 apr.

lol rude cross stitches…


I had to Google calla cowl. It is lovely! I look forward to your rude cross stitches. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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my first of the 50… took a minute and a half, lol

Reading Sleeves.

Ok, we all know what they really are, but Reading Sleeves is a fun name. My heat goes down to 50 at night so as I lay in bed reading for an hour it is quite chilly. My hands get crazy cold outside of the covers, as well as my arms, which get bare when my pj sleeves fall down so here is my solution.
I just cut the sleeves from an unwanted hoodie and popped a hole in the right place.


I had stopped posting in last years thread even though I was still making things. So here’s to posting all year! Everyone’s projects look great so far!

My first finished finished project is this Bugsy Backpack. I want to make a second one for a friend so I made mine first. That way any issues would happen on my bag. The skull fabric is from Black Sheep Fabrics. It was one I bought in Juneish of last year. So they don’t have it any longer. The other pieces are from Moda and Windhem.

So here’s to many more projects! (I actually have a quilt top almost done so should have a second one done soon!)


Nicely done! That zipper is amazing…and I do like all of the fabrics you combined!


This is fantastic! The fabrics and zipper are fantastic. :blue_heart:


Thank you! I can’t remember who the zipper came from. I know it was a custom group. I want to say Zorell or something similar to that. I find all these custom groups on Facebook and then drool over their products there.


That zipper charm fits very well with the fabric you used!
There’s a new quilt-along group if you’re interested. We share tips, tricks, and encourage each other along the way. We’d love to see the quilt you’re working on! How many quilts did you do last year? I remember seeing a few on this thread.


I am finally feeling crafty enough to join in on this. Last year was hard to get any motivation but this year I am determined to get more done while I have the time. I don’t have 50 projects yet but I am sure as I go I will come up with them.


  1. old 70s needlepoint of a greenhouse
  2. crochet cardigan wrap thingy I have had the yarn set aside for 2 years now hope I still like it
  3. embroidery sampler of my own design
  4. stickers for my planner with my Cricut
  5. seasonal cards with my Cricut.
  6. wooden earring holder

Things I haven’t decided on quite yet:
painted stained glass, this needs more experiments to decide what to do exactly.
Stained glass birds for my mom, and mother in law.

themes I would like to try out:
quilting something small,
filling a sketchbook,
punch needle,


I saw that! I plan on sharing quilts when I make them. I has completed 6 tops total last year. And two or three have been quilted and bound. I think one needs binding yet. The rest need to be quilted.