Collection Collage

I collect art work from a woman named Flor Larios…she does mostly a type of folk art, many based around religious icons. I collect her Madonna and child pieces, but a few years ago, she had some pages printed of her art that I purchased to use for making tags, ATCs, etc.

In a random mailing, @magpie sent me some cool cardboard cut outs that were stacked frames…I decided using them and these little prints were perfect!

I basically made twelve little pieces and then glued them onto a canvas. The backgrounds are all painted with watercolors then doodled on with markers. The bonus is that I will only need one nail to make in the walls of my rental to display these! lol

This is my first project in 2021 and I am pleased to say that I used stash and was able to finish it during the One Year Lettuce Craft Anniversary Zoom meeting!

Thanks for looking…and Happy New Year Everyone!


I am in L :heart: VE with this!!

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It’s wonderful, I’m glad you posted it so we can see it properly.

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I love this so keep changing. It is so pretty.

What a fantastic idea :bulb: It’s so lovely and I really love the little pictures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a great collection! I love all the individual pieces and the way they all look together… especially like the scribbled zigzag outlines.

Thanks! I really hated to use a pre-stretched canvas but I had no other materials to mount those on! I imagine that when I grow tired of it, I can pull of the little pieces and paint over the canvas to reuse…or maybe not…is E6000 glue forever? lol

Beautiful! I love her art style, and I love what you’ve done with them all.

This collage is beautiful. I love the artwork, the frames, and how you displayed them.

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What a wonderful way to display your favorite art! We’ll done,