50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

Hug worthy! But since birds don’t have arms maybe they’ll be scared off?


Not much of a quilter myself, but can certainly paint some on a free-by-the-road terracotta plant pot!


Aww, thank you. My mom used to do ceramics and taught me the trick of using pastel chalks to add depth before you spray the clear coat on. Before that step my projects tend to look more like one of my children painted them . . .


I made a couple more things to add to my list but didn’t post anywhere else.

A center placemat or hot pad for my small kitchen table using my DGY yarn of the month:

A small doll bed made from the wood used in packaging Japanese fish cakes, clothepins and popsicle sticks. I also made the mattress from a remnant of curtains used in our garage. Everything else was also from stash.


That bed is very clever :hugs:

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So many marvellous projects everyone!!

I’m very behind on updating my list, but I think I must be well over 50 now :smile_cat:


We are now at the six month mark of 2021 with some pretty big holidays ahead of us! Summer is also here and it means a time of relaxing, traveling, camping, being lazier, busier, having fun, etc.

How is everyone doing? Do you have plans already for holiday projects?

I hit 100 projects so far, but many of them were things for the house or lessons in art and paper crafting. I had a few larger projects in the beginning with winter…summer will definitely be a hit or miss…but, I want to get going on some early Christmas and winter projects and finish up a bunch of wips so I don’t have to deal with them in 2022!!

How about you guys?


I have plans for so many things to personalize our new camper! Buntings & Indian style toran for over the doors & windows. Cushions & covers for the benches. Even a quilt! Though I will be sending out for quilting when the piecing is done since I really don’t enjoy that part.

That should keep me busy for a year or three :roll_eyes:


My big crafty plans at the moment include some house stuff like redoing some seats on chairs (maybe paint them, too, if I could commit to a color :roll_eyes:) make some reusable party decorations and a countdown calendar for Christmas. I have tons of little things on the list like chair socks and face cloths. I reached out to a few friends this weekend to see who wants to gift exchange this year and it seems most want to just get together so my crafting focus is narrrowing in on fewer victi- uh, lucky recipients.

My husband did ask if I could make the 3 of us (4 if you count the dog) matching ugly sweaters for christmas… that would be a beast of a project!


I’ve just done a big project upload, and have been able to add a lot more pictures as items for swaps have been received :slight_smile:

If I haven’t missed anything, I’m now up to project 58 :slight_smile:

I really need to get stuck into my WIP list too :wink: I can’t believe over half of the year is done!!!


I hit 65 last week. I have two throw pillow projects I would like to finish for myself and one commission that stalled, because the supposedly 100% cotton printed canvas won’t bleach. I’ve been plugging away a larger charitable project for a few hours here and there, too. Next month, I really must start focusing on a big DIY house project that has been postponed for a couple years. By completing it, I will make a few living-in-this-house things easier and better.


I have also put off some needed house projects…curtains for a few of my husband’s spaces (he is using fleece blankets on the windows to block the sun! UGH!)…chair recovers, especially my poor sewing chair that I have had and redone several times since 1969!

Hang in there…stay motivated and focused but still have fun!


Hi, just joined; but my 50 projects, more or less will include 13to get done in Aug-Sept (late summer, but not nec. summer themed:
~39 more boxes to be re-covered (an on-going project),
~Re-cover the window’d boxes,
~Shelf-coupage & spray paint the textured one,
~Shelf-coupage / stick better the fauxbois one
5-7: GIFTIES3 for Ivanhoe
~kitty coasters?
~paw prints scarf?
8-10: NEEDLEworx:
~crochet-a-long? (I just found this one (not mine:
Charlotte’s Universe CAL 2021), but it might be kinda late to go ‘a long’
~Fit the swiffer I knitted 2 things for better
~Crochet a baglet?
11-13: 4fun/utility:
~ArtJo pages via zoom here on lettuceCraft
~Plant tags for plants that get lost
~Document projects…here and there… :wink:


Welcome to Lettuce Craft! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it’s a wonderful place


We will be art journaling this Sunday if you want to join!


Thanks @geekgirl, I’d bookmarked it, but either some fam biz or the upcoming literal blue moon may preclude (or…those might be themes to journal…) so I didn’t vote yes/no…yet. I AM looking forward to it! Thanks again!


Welcome to the happiest place on the internet!


I just realized it’s been a while since I updated my list and posted in this thread. So, photo dump incoming. :joy:

A bunch of yarn, all spun at roughly the same weight and chain-plied, going into my sweater-yarn stockpile.

A mock-up of a tunic pattern that I ended up not liking. I used leftover fabric from a sheet I dyed for a toga party costume.

A pair of pen-holder bookmarks from scraps. I need more of these!

A beaded necklace and a rosary for my DS2.

Lalylala’s Fibi the Fox.


I like those bookmark/pen holder things. How adjustable are they? Do you have to size them to the book you’re planning on using them with?


There’s just a few inches of elastic, so they’re pretty specific to the size book I made them for. But, if you use less fabric and more elastic, they’d probably be more versatile. As is, they’re just snug enough to stay put, since both books already had ribbon bookmarks. I’ve just attached these to the covers, they’re not marking my place.