50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

Lovely yarn! and the pen holders are a great idea too

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I’m so behind on posting stuff, but I just updated my list and I’ve made it past 50 things :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m sure there’s things I’ve forgotten, but it is nice to look back and see that I’ve managed to get some stuff done this year!


I seriously need to make some pen holder/journal closers…

Your yarn is also so lovely!

Welcome, @eyeris ! Plenty of time to get in a bunch of projects before year end!


I only made three items in August!

Checking to see how everyone is doing…4 months to go…

Anyone else working on Halloween and Christmas projects?


I haven’t updated my slot for ages.

I have 3, no 4 active-ish WIPs, 1 inactive WIP and a swap in progress (12 days). Much in progress, not much finishing!


I was not made for heat + humidity and this summer has been a doozy. I’m looking forward to cooler temps and more motivation.


I am almost embarrassed to say that my husband and I lasted about 30 minutes at the beach yesterday…we laughed that we are turning into old farts for not being able to handle the heat and sand like we used to…ugh…I came home after we left, had lunch and promptly fell asleep—I still feel a bit groggy today! lol


I have been away for too long! I have been busy. I moved at the beginning of summer and then have been busy with work and general life. But I’ve done a little sewing in that time.

First photo is from this past weekend I made the hat and corset belt skirt I’m wearing. I found the hat pattern online somewhere. The belt skirt is made using George and Gingers belt pattern and Ellie and Macs skort pattern. The belt is a faux suede and the skirt is this black with metallic red weave.

Then the next three are Ellie and Mac kids patterns that I had made for my nephew’s birthday.


oh welcome back!!! Love your outfit…including the awesome tights!


I got the tights from Torrid (I get most my stuff from them XD )

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I order most of my tights and shorts from Snag Tights…they have cool Halloween ones…it does take a bit for them to get to me in the USA, but I love them and have all the colors (and nowhere to wear them right now…lol)…

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I have ordered a few tights from them just recently and really like them.


It feels SO WEIRD for me not to have had much in the way of finished projects to post in the last couple months. I have a few longer term WIPs going that I work on here and there, but so much of my creative time and energy has been going to trying to pass along vintage stuff via my etsy shop. After that, it’s more around-the-house projects/tasks at least one of which I will get to post - hopefully next week.


Ooo, how have you found them???

I love that they truly do fit all sizes…and don’t run easily! The chub rub shorts are great under skirts and the styles are from conservative solids to wild prints! I own about 30 pairs…

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I’ve seen them advertised but haven’t known anyone to have bought them. I will give them a try!!

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I just finished this unicorn amigurumi for my DS2. He helped me dye the fibers/yarns, and I spun the yarn. He’s a happy camper today.


I posted it’s own topic but here is my galaxy skirt! I had a ton of fun making it. And making one using the doll pattern.


Finished my 100th project this year.

And did a couple more to start the year:


I am impressed that you take time each day to do your art…