50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

Is it me or are there fewer and fewer prints that aren’t directional? I find it frustrating in principle as well in practice. It seems like Spoonflower prints are almost exclusively directional.

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There are some where the designer has purposely made an all over type print, but harder to find.

I put in my notes to use solids or batiks for places that make a difference to me…guess we just have to adapt to what is available.

Right. It feels like those designed to be viewed from any direction are more and more rare.

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I’ve finished a few small things. It was quite satisfying to finish some things after only working on large projects this year.
First is a ATC for a swap with a friend:

Second is a few plaster decorations. I think we found them at Ross.


I just hit 83! Or was it 82? Right in there somewhere. :grimacing: I am not sure I will hit 100 this year, which is a vague goal I have, but I can’t bring myself to make for making’s sake, so… we’ll see! I have a bigger project about to hit the studio bench, so we’ll see.

UPDATE: I just went back to look and it’s 84!


Well done, you!

I’ve crossed the magical “50” line but I’m more pleased that there are no months where I noted “Crickets Chirp” because zero crafting happened that month. My goal is to have made at least one thing (no matter how small/simple) each month of the year and it seems, barring any truly unfortunate circumstance, I am on track to do just that.


I didn’t make 50, just 10 I shared here. Can we do this for 2022?


Our lovely Linda hosts this one every year :kissing_heart:

2021 isn’t over yet, there’s still time to add to your lists. I haven’t kept track, covid turned 2 years into an endless blursday for me. I know I made a couple things though…


You still have a few months to go. And how you count is up to you. :smiley:

I think I’ve hit 50 once in the last 7+ years!!

For me, it’s aspirational and a reminder to do stuff


That’s how I feel, too. It’s a little nudge, an authorization to take that time to do something creative even if it’s “just because.” And the “more or less” in the title is so encouraging.


Most definitely! I think we have done this for over 10 years…my, how time flies when you are having fun!

The goal is to show everyone that even if you do one creative project a year, you are doing more than a lot of people…it is amazing to me that people who have jobs, kids, social lives, etc. etc. still find time to make something handmade…50 is a goal just because I saw how prolific some people were…but of course, depending on your projects, getting a big one done is plenty to meet a goal!

Yes, we still have about three months left…still plenty of time to rack up an impressive and meaningful number suited to your own goals!


At my current speed I’m not going to make 50 this year either! But who knows, maybe I’ll be able to complete a ton of projects over the next couple of months.

Now my regular sewing classes have finally started up again, I hope to finish a few items of clothing before the end of the year. I’ve found I’m useless at sewing clothing unless I have a teacher. I’m very particular about tailoring clothes and I just can’t do it without help. I hope to finish a dress this week that I’ve been working on since before last winter’s lockdown.


Never let the title of this thread dictate or intimidate! I just like having a place to record everything. I am lucky that I am able to make a lot of things. Yet I still feel “unproductive” sometimes, so it’s nice to see a list of what I did manage to produce - sometimes while avoiding things I think I “need” to produce. Ahem.


I think I have done more than 50, but I haven’t been great at keeping track this year.

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Back again after falling off the face of the earth for a bit, and with about 6 months worth of projects to catch up on. I guess I should dive in, then.

  1. Three Orange Floral Dresses in various sizes

(and that finishes up March. I did say I was behind, right?)

  1. Batch o’ 6 inch doll dresses

  2. Dress for 24inch doll

  3. Batch of 6 inch doll dresses (with some repeats from earlier because why not?)


I have missed seeing you and your doll dresses! Still adorable!

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I am making pouches and tissue sets with a lot of my fabrics…my sister claimed this one and one other one, so they are going to good homes.

The green and white fabric was sent to me by @mellybelly81 in the Craft Scavenger Hunt swap. Fortunately, I have more to make myself something as well.


Ooh it looks so cute! Lots of space for things.

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Made a small card case, a flamingo ornament from felt, and a knit shawl…


I finished my first project in a while! I’ve not been in a crafty mood - actually, not really in a mood for anything much. I don’t feel physically well, and feeling so tired and lethargic means I struggle to do anything other than working. I really enjoy my job so at least that gives me energy, but when I’m done with work I just want to sleep.