50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

I have been sleeping a lot more than usual…I am sure it is the stress I am feeling for my sister. I have so much to do before I leave for two weeks but I have no energy to do them…I am trying to break out of this cycle by meditating and exercising. It is difficult, but I will feel more stress leaving and not doing things that must be done for both my company and my husband!


Finished some mindless projects…

I get a lot of free bags from all sorts of places…I don’t really need them for shopping, so I have been turning them into storage bags to keep things organized or out of my way…

Pretty simple…just fold them down, stitch around the top to make them a bit more sturdy, stick cardboard in the bottom…these took all of 15 minutes or so…


Clever-- I like the triple fold that lets you keep using the handles.

I actually cut them off and threw them out but after I finished, I decided I wanted handles…the are not in the original spot so I can pull the whole thing off my shelf.

They originally were on the front and back…the other one is going in a drawer to hold guest towels so I threw those handles out…they were very flimsy and did not even match!


Y’all I hit 90 today (Nov 1)! WOO! I don’t have 10 more projects planned for the year, but that sure doesn’t mean I won’t hit 100! Or I may not and that is totally fine, too.

I have had to spend a lot more time on household stuff lately getting ready for winter: sourcing and stacking firewood, raking and burning pine needles, working with our neighbors for this winter’s road plowing, etc. Blechhttps://forum.lettucecraft.com/t/50-projects-more-or-less-2021/9936/14?u=themistresst


Finished 125. Some are smaller some are bigger. Some get completed some not. Enjoying the making :slight_smile: .


I just posted this as its own topic but I am really happy with how this skirt came out!! I talked a little more about it in my post and have a link to the pattern from Ellie and Mac there.


Another make with it’s own topic! But I really loved how this top turned out! There a few more photos in it’s post. But I just loved how it turned out! it’s really comfy.