6st Place Rosette Brooch

I had such a good time making my 3st Place Awards that when I was working on a friend’s gift for her May 6 birthday and remembered she told me a story involving the very pointed use of “sixst” vs “sixth,” I knew I had to make her a May 6st brooch!

I used my Sizzix and some Bigz dies and embossing folders to cut and texture aluminum beverage cans. I also used the Sizzix to flatten the bottle cap. Then some letter and number metal stamps for the “MAY 6ST”. Then brads and embellishments from stash.

This time I cut another set of award pieces from paper to reinforce all the pieces. I don’t expect she’ll actually wear the ribbon, but I know she does not use fridge magnets so wanted another way to mount it. The “jewels” on the back cover brad tabs. The pin finding is also from stash.

She and I are both big fans of ribbon rosette awards, too, so it seems like a good way to top one of her gifts. The wrapping on this is to tie in with this gift box I made for her, too.


Ha! So much fun! I love the look of this. It is such a cool design with the cans and the “6st” is hysterical.

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In this case, coming in “6st” is a winner!



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Thanks everyone!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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This is awesome!!


Thanks, pals!

“Politely caffeinated” snort :joy:

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Super cute! What a great little ribbon!

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Thank you!!!

Right!? :rofl: I almost wish this had been a kambucha can that said “politely fermented”! Sigh.

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So fantastic! I love your creations!!

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What an awesome added gift. Love the 6st!

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Thanks so much, y’all!