A "Citrusy" pin cushion with a matching needle case

I took a personal day from work to just be Me today so there was crafting, music, cats and a yummy gyro for lunch. :grin:

Here are my latest creations that are Garage Sale bound!

I made a pin cushion from eco-felt and a repurposed plastic lid for the base. It’s 5" in diameter and about 3/4" deep.

The needle case is made from a repurposed mint tin that I snagged from my DH. He keeps these mints in his desk so I took it out of his desk. (It was empty so he didn’t mind. :wink: )


Ooooh I love these both so much! Absolutely beautiful work. Those little button flowers are so charming and all the stitches look so neat and tidy!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

That is so adorable!

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I love how you do matching sets like this…this one is so pretty…your stitching is beautiful and you have recycled items…


This is such a cute set! And brilliant move using a tin for the needle case!

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Love love love. :heart::heart::heart:

Eeep, these are so beautiful! I especially love the needle case!!

It’s so cute! I love how it’s eco friendly! “Me” days, are wonderful. Go you!

These are both so pretty, @Bajita!

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This is so lovely and sweet!

I adore these! Great use of a personal day! :wink:


I adore the citrus - particularly the colors! Great job!

I love this!!! So very tempted to buy for myself :smile: It would be perfect for my paper piecing quilt that I take with me when I want to craft away from home…

So cute and such neat stitches! Love them!!

Lovely way to upcycle bits and bobs into something pretty and functional. That citrus slice pin cushion is fab!

So pretty, really lovely colours, and great use of the lid and the tin :smiley:

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So sweet! Your stitching is lovely.