Getting Certain... Notions Round-up! November 2023

With all the hubbub around American Thanksgiving, and the approaching December celebrations, it can be easy to overlook two very important holidays. November boasts National Button Day and Pins & Needles Day! National Button Day celebrates the humble button, which at one point in time, was considered scandalous and denounced by the Catholic church! After all, if clothing became easy to take on and off, it might lead people to get certain, ahem… notions.

While you might assume Pins & Needles Day likewise celebrates the unsung workhorses of the sewing world, you’d be wrong. Pins & Needles Day celebrates a pro-union musical from 1937, which was written for members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, and focused on the lives of young workers, during the American Labor Movement. In addition to parodying various social issues of the time, the musical was actually performed by real garment workers as well. Initially rehearsing on nights and weekends, the cast eventually had to quit their day jobs to perform the show 8 times a week! It was even performed at the White House for President Roosevelt & First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

In honor of both of these days, check out these awesome notions inspired crafts.

There are projects that sew on lots of buttons… @sheepBlue’s Skull Button Pillow uses up tons of white buttons.

While @endymion’s Button Hoop uses all the buttons in the jar!

But buttons can also be attached with glue! @zubrickk’s Starry Button Canvas uses buttons of various colors and materials, all brought together with paint.

Buttons are lovely look at, so why not store them where you can see them? @Magpie’s Mushroom Pin Cushion Jar also incorporates a pin cushion, and uses some beautiful lace.

And while we’re on the topic of storage, how about places to store your pins and needles? @Bajita’s Citrusy Pin Cushion & Matching Needle Case coordinate beautifully.

@tendstowardschaosPrinted and Painted Needlecases (and a needle minder) includes paint and beads and charms.

IMG_20200417_164854 SM
@Harlan’s Cottage Pin Cushion, Needle Felting fits right in with her magical world of critters.

And don’t forget the scissors! @audiobooklover’s Scissor Sheaths protect your sheers and your snips!

We even make crafts that help us craft more, like these adorable little needle minders. @TheMistressT’s Stitchin’ With My Gnomies use gnome buttons.

Some of us even proudly wear our notions! @Lothruin’s Sculptural Safety Pins is an amazing statement necklace.

Very special vintage notions can even be used in an assemblage, like @steiconi’s Sewing Display.

Finally if you are getting ready for holiday decorating and crafting, be sure to take inspiration from these beautiful button trees! @ceep’s Button Trees use pins, beads and buttons.

While @MightyMitochondria’s Vintage Button Christmas Trees also include vintage spools of thread.


This is a really fun collection!!


Can we add our personal faves?

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What, here in the thread? Or to the Round-up? You can feel free to show us notions themed projects here in the thread if you wish.


National button day!!! Love it!


Great round-up and fun story to go along with it!


What a cool collection! I’m honored to be a part of it!


Superlative!!! what wonderful and creative ways to use such useful things!! Thank you for this fun thread!

I’m very fond of needle books and needle safes. Every now and then I go searching for vintage versions to see what clever things they did!

Very honored to be included! (I need to get an updated photo of the cottage pin cushion restored after Tybalt had at it! I literally have to keep it locked up when not in use! He thinks everything I make is just a toy for him!)


Thank you for including my scissor sheaths, I’m delighted to be a part of such a great roundup of projects! I enjoyed re-seeing projects that I had forgotten all about (I especially love @MightyMitochondria’s colorful button trees!).


What an awesome bunch of notions! I have such a soft spot for buttons and vintage thread spools - this was such a treat for me. Thank you!

*Plus, I love @tendstowardschaos’ needle case - I use it almost daily!


I use the gorgeous needle book that you made me all the time!