A different sort of buttercream

Buttercream freaks me out. It can be delicious, greasy, too sweet, fantastic, gritty, you just never know!
I found this fantastic Sugarologie video that uses no food colouring and makes a very smooth cream.
I haven’t tried it myself but thought I’d share since I’ve never seen anything like it before. The beet powder red velvet looks incredible.


just. whoa. i have some nsfLC things to say about that vid. <3

that and paging @fluffypants - i think you might find this an interesting view.


also. swiss meringue is gen my go to.

Right? I was a little bit blown away by that glossy dark black frosting. I mean, No Dye? Wow.

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I’m gonna have to try this out! The technique is really interesting, and I’ve had a few customers request no food colouring due to allergies, so no dye black got me curious. I usually start with a chocolate buttercream with black cocoa, but even so it takes so much food colouring to get it really dark. It would be so great to get black that doesn’t turn your teeth black, too!