A dress for me OR Good things come to those who wait!

Last autumn my friend and I attended a sewing festival - a warehouse, 1000 women and their sewing machines - and I purchased this organic fabric. Back home I immediately started making a dress for me. I quickly finished the top but it took me until yesterday to finish the dress altogether.


I love the fabric choice!

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Oh this is so pretty!

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This is a charming dress and your fabric is lovely.

Love the dress! The fabric is gorgeous!

Thank you all!

The fabric is really pretty, even though I would have liked the background to be lighter so the flowers pop more, but that’s just personal preference, I think it still looks awesome. And YAY for finally finishing :smiley: Also, 1000 women in a warehouse sounds like a lot of fun

Lovely! And yay for making something for yourself!

Very nice! Your dress looks comfy :slight_smile:

That dress looks great! Were you working form a pattern?

I did :smile: I don’t have the courage to work without any pattern… Not yet :see_no_evil: This one is called “Kleiderliebe” (literally “dress love” in English).

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