Fashion Category Featured Member - Rlynn

In the early days of Lettuce Craft, @Rlynn has made a big splash on the Fashion board with a wide variety of projects that provide tons of inspiration to the community. Beyond the amazing wearable art pieces, her posts can be found on the Decorative and Functional Crafts board, where she might have a few things crawling around…

Spider Plush

Felt Snail

What costume from fiction, fantasy, history, etc would be your dream costume to recreate?

Oh boy that is a tough one. I have to choose? Okay…one day I really want to make a costume based on Sabriel from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series. It’s one of my favorite book series and I love the character a bunch. Besides who doesn’t want a leather bandolier with a bunch of bells that can command the dead. Maybe I should put it on my 50 crafts in 2020 list…

Sew the decades - 40s

Name one random fact that few people know about you.

I think I’m pretty much an open book so I can’t think of anything in particular that people don’t know about me. One weird fact that often surprises people is that I have never had a drivers license. It gets more surprising to folks the older I get - this April I’ll be 40.

List three crafting tools you can’t live without.

Easy. My sewing machine. My fabric scissors. My seam ripper.

Cellophane Sprite Wings

What is your crafting kryptonite (the craft you can’t master, or find endlessly frustrating)?

Knitting - it’s the knitting needles. I can’t understand how people operate them. How do their fingers not get completely in the way? How do they manage to coordinate the needles enough to somehow make something out of yarn? I don’t understand it. But I admire the heck out of it.

Who are your crafty crushes?

@jemimah - Everything she creates has a whimsical feel to it that really appeals to me. And she has such a range of crafty skills. @PerfectlyBohemian - I mean have you seen those adorable moths she creates. Holy heck, I love them. All of them. And @Harlan - those felted creations are amazing; pure art. It’s magic, I tell you.

Wet felted boots

What is the earliest craft project you remember making?

I was partially raised by my grams and when I lived with her around ages 6-10 and during several summer breaks, I slept in her spare room with the sewing supplies including stacks of fabric and bins of buttons and doodads. I used to handsew clothing for my barbies and stuffed animals. I have a vague memory of turning my Teddy bears into Ewoks using scraps of fabric. And I used to make skirts and tops for my barbies. The first actual sewing project on a machine was when I was 19. I made a fleece hoodie for a 4 year old. But I didn’t touch a sewing machine again until I was 27.

Favorite project that you have posted in the Fashion Category?

Loki - which speaking of, I found this pic of it recently. I normally need to use a pattern, even if it’s heavily altered, but I just pieced Loki together by eyeballing it and trying it on the kid at regular intervals.

Loki Cosplay

Favorite project that someone else has posted in the Fashion Category?

This one by @Ewulotta. It’s just perfect and the fabric is sooo pretty.


What a great interview! I love those boots!


@Rlynn Congratulations on this very deserved honor! Your creativity is an inspiration and you totally rock!


Congratulations on the feature! Wonderful interview! So much good stuff! I’ll be turning 40 this year too, but where I live, I have to have a driver’s license!


Awesome!! A fashion inspiration for sure!


Congrats! I have really enjoyed your fashion posts as well as your food posts!

I have always loved your felt creations and your boldness in costume creating.

Look forward to seeing more!


Rlynn is the best! She’s talented, and more important than that, she’s a really nice person. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How’s Aria?


Wonderful interview, and well deserved spotlight! And @Rlynn, you know I’m all about that Sabriel costume… :bell::old_key::dagger::cat2:


What an impressive collection of makes!


Congratulations - very well deserved!! So cool to see a collection of your creations gathered together - you make so many wonderful things! That Loki outfit is incredible!!

And thank you :smiley:


Woohoo! Congrats Rlynn!!!


Congratulations! It’s so exciting to read your creative profile!

:four_leaf_clover: :heartbeat: :shamrock:


Congrats!! :confetti_ball:


You’re going to make me blush. Ari is good; a total tween but good.

:smiley: I’m so serious about it. I should try to make it for Kumoricon. I think I’d have enough time.

And thank you everybody, seriously! I was super honored to be featured. The new site has revitalized my crafty soul. I swear I’ve done more crafting in the past few months than I have in several years put together. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


What a fun and inspiring interview! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! I loved reading it all!

Awesome projects! You rock! :metal:t3:


Fantastic interview! I’ve long admired your crafting prowess…it’s fun to hear more about the person behind those awesome projects.


Congratulations @Rlynn! You always put a lot of effort into whatever you make and especially your cosplay dresses are just awesome. Thanks for being an inspiration! And thanks for mentioning my dress :wink: I really appreciate it!


These are all such awesome projects!!! Thanks so much for being an amazing member of our community, @Rlynn!!

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EEP!! This is wonderful!! Thank you so much, @sheepBlue and @Rlynn!!

Also, do you know what else this means!? Be right back… :cat2:


@Rlynn is officially Chaircat Approved! :heart_eyes_cat: