A lot of foxy business goin' on over here

I was stricken with a few days of covid recently, just wretched enough to keep me home and away from folks but not enough to quell the boredom I feel when I sit around doing nothing. So I made some foxy things for a swap partner, yay fun!

I found an image for a very cute paper pieced fox that was originally offered by Stars & Sunshine but no searches lead to an actual pattern aside from some images of it on Pinterest. I did my best to figure it out. This photo shows the colour of the green a bit better but woo, the orange is not quite that bright in real life.

That turned into a pretty big runner. It’s padded with a piece of very thick felt so it will lay perfectly flat. The back is the cute little foxy fabric. The fuzzy looking bit on the right was the natural selvage that had a sort of organic frayed sort of look I liked so I left it rather than turning it over. Looks better in person.

Then this bag, no pattern just made up. Nice big size with sturdy lined handles.

Lined with a pocket inside.

Then this accordion type pouch thingy, free youtube video tutorial if you are so inclined to try it. I rate it intermediate beginner. Looks harder than it actually is, it’s really just a bunch of rectangles.

And a bunch of other stuff, mug rug, leafy shaped trivets, a little basket. 3 days is a long time for me to be stuck in the house with nothing to do :woozy_face: :leaves: :fox_face:


Wow! Impressive - i am never productive while ill! I really like that little basket & the pouch.


I admire your productivity! I’m a slug when sick. Your partner benefited though because what an awesome haul of foxy fabricy items! I love all of it, especially the bag. Beautiful work.

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Those are super cute!!! Grabby hands……

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Wow. Um, here’s hoping you get bored more often because it paid off. I won’t wish you ill ever, though.
You had to figure out the paper pricing on your own? Wowza! That makes it even more impressive!
And thank you for the link to the pouch pattern. It looks neat and I may want to try it when my world slows down bit.
Everything looks amazing! I am sure your partner was extra thrilled.

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ACK! What a cute and clever collection of craftiness! I’m glad you’re feeling better, but… well the world is a cuter place due to your boredom.

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What an amazing collection of foxy goodness you created! And in 3 days no less! You are a master of the sewing machine for sure. I love that little accordion pouch.

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Thanks all! I picked up the limey green & little foxes fabric & made mugrug, trivets, bag & pouch out of it before the thought occurred that the recipient might not actually love that green :expressionless:. The basket was an attempt to add some different shades just in case & the runner was an idea I really wanted to try but put off until I got up the nerve. It’s big, I sure hope it turns out to be a useful item & not one of those “Cute! Now what do I do with it?”

Here’s the image I found of the free paper piecing pattern, I could not locate the original source.

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:sparkles: :heart_eyes: :scissors: Congratulations! Your whole lot of foxy business is a Featured Project this week! :scissors: :heart_eyes: :sparkles:

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