A New Home for Bigfoot

In the last week or so, we’ve modified the gallery wall I’d recently updated and expanded in our living room. Part of that was moving a silhouette of our dearly departed Olive Dog and replacing it with a digital frame that displays a selection of photos I’ve taken of Bigfoot around the world. I will be covering that cord with a paintable cord cover in the near future.


I had picked up a small, white floating shelf recently at a thrift store for a different projects. It was just the right size and style, but not at all a good color for our gallery wall.


After a little thought, I decided on a green with a burnt umber glaze. I used various latex and acrylic paints, etc. that I had on hand.


I am really pleased to fill that spot and add some dimension and color to that area of the gallery. YEY!


First, I love that bigfoot statue and the fact that you take pictures of it in different places. Hilarious! I think it looks great on the wall and the floating shelf in green is the perfect base! Your wall is coming along beautifully.

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This is at least eight kinds of awesome. Love it!

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Thanks, pals!

Looks great! I agree the dimension is a good addition.

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I love that you get to use and see all the pics you’ve taken! Great addition to the wall.

Thanks! That reminds me that I have found a bunch more to put on there, just need to edit their size and transfer them.