Gallery Wall(s) With A Little Room To Grow

As part of the redecoration of the living room kicked off by the gift of a new sofa, I decided to redo and REALLY expand the small gallery wall we had.

I decided to start with one line that goes through the whole thing which is at the bottom, 38" off the floor.


I had laid out what I had on the floor using the HUGE Bigfoot map as the piece to work off from as I knew I wanted people to be able to get close enough to see what it is, but not wanting it on the end.


It was fun to go through the closets and the other rooms to find things, especially as so many of the pieces have sentimental connections for one or both of us.


The two tiny frames near the center of the pic are currently empty. I have specific plans for the upper one and just love the frame of the lower and hope to find the perfect filler. The BF map is not the only recent project included here: there’s also the art tiles and the Tara of Cleavers portrait.


I’ve also been working to thrift frames for pieces we had that weren’t frames. That bat at the top and TheMisterT’s book covers are some of those.


As you have seen, we have pieces that belong to each of us, family pieces, things I made, things friends and family have made, purchased pieces, and even a phote TheMisterT took years ago. I also wanted to include many kinds of media, at various sizes, shapes, depths. I am still looking for a frame for the portrait of Delia that our niece made (below the light switches). This coming weekend is the annual 50-mile Garage Sale in our area and I am hoping I’ll find a great frame for that, a cool piece for an awesome empty frame I have, and maybe some other pieces to fill in. BUT I’m not going to just get pieces that physically fit and will allow myself the time to find (or make) pieces that I really like.

Oh, and look at the awesome “crochet square” that I got in a personal swap with @tendstowardschaos on the right end of the sectional! There are also pillows made by me over the years on there.

I’m still searching for a big rug and have plans for a new coffee table, both of which I will be keeping in mind while shopping the big garage sale this weekend.

ADDENDUM: Here is the Pinboard I made with inspo for eclectic gallery walls which also includes inspo to help me think outside the box for things to include.


I love, love love lots of artwork on the walls. My living room has a bunch too. You did a fantastic job of setting it all up and giving enough space for each to shine. Looks awesome!

Your gallery wall is amazing!

What a great collection of pieces. I love the varied thickness of the frames and how they all just work so well together!

This is wonderful! A really appealing layout. That is not easy, but you made it look effortless.

I love your asterisk keys! Yay for room to grow! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, friends!

It looks amazing! I want to do one down our stairwell, but I’m still acquiring pieces, and hope to be for years to come. I’m sure when I do, I’ll be back to study how beautifully you did it. Seriously well done darling. Also, good girl Delia. Ignore your bed. You are a princess. The couch is clearly yours.

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May steal your idea and make a gallery wall when we move to a new place. Yours is wonderful! I love that it’s a combination of so many types of things.

Thank you! I have so_many_pins of gallery walls to get me going in a direction that I would like. I have another gallery-like idea for our own stairwell that I hope to put into place this winter. It requires that I retexture the walls, paint, etc. first. Seems like a good bad-weather project. Delia does use her bad, but also the couch and the overstuffed chair that is in the living room, too. And our bed and the door mat and her beds by the woodstove and in my craft space and the rugs by the guest bed. She really sleeps around!


I can hardly take credit for the idea of a gallery wall! :rofl: I hope you share what you do - a gallery wall is so fun to explore!

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Well, I like that yours wraps around to a second wall… and that you included so many different types of things. So I do feel like I was inspired by YOUR gallery wall in particular!

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Awww, thank you! The wrap around bit was a later idea when TheMisterT and I decided we really wanted to include the geological map which is pretty big! This is my Pinboard that helped me think outside the framed-pieces box and also has some ideas for specific pieces that I might use in the future.

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Astrid also has several beds, and the couch, and an oversized chair in Jim’s office, and everywhere else she wants to be. She sometimes gets mad at me if I’m canning or doing a lot of cooking in one day, because there’s no soft bed for her in the kitchen, so she lays on the rug and sighs loudly every few minutes.


Since most rooms in my house are a gallery of things made from swaps, I must say not only do I love, but I adore yours!! I love all the color coding in your pictures.


hehe! I can totally imagine this. Delia doesn’t sigh as much as other dogs but does this extra loud breathing thing that can eventually work up to a moany honking whine. Generally about wanting something mysterious that we have to guess about, like wanting to eat a tissue out of the box on the end table or something equally weird!

Thank you! I had fun doing the key and coding because it let me remember where each of the pieces came from.

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:framed_picture: :couch_and_lamp: Congrats! Your gorgeous gallery is one of this week’s featured projects! :couch_and_lamp: :framed_picture:

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Awwww, thank you!

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I love your wall of awesomeness!

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I absolutely love everything about this!

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Thanks, pals!