A Rainbow of Scent-free Little Trees

One of my oldest friends was visiting this weekend and he’s planning a gallery show of his photography. There will be an interactive installation/photobooth which he was considering using several colors of that classic tree-shaped car air freshener, but OOF.

I offered to use my Cricut to cut some out of cardstock, he asked if I could do rainbow, and we put together a file for cutting them.

There are 5 of each color, just to be sure there are enough for how he hopes to use them. I think they’ll be strung up like a bunting, he didn’t want me to add hanger string.

I’ll try to get a photo of them installed when the time comes and add it here.

ADDENDUM: I couldn’t help myself and stamped this envelope that these went into before they went into the rigid envelope to mail off.



I can’t wait to see how these get used! What a great fragrance-free alternative.


Thank you! I’m excited to see them “in action” myself! There’s a chance they won’t get used, but that’s OK, too.

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If they don’t get used, maybe you could offer them up for the auction…I love the little trees, but the piney smell does not agree with me, especially in a car! :heart_eyes:

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They will be in another state in someone else’s care in a few days, so not really avail for auction.
I don’t mind the piney smell, either! That said, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t wreck my sinuses or give me a migraine these days. Who knows what scent would be created by mingling the various fragrances of the multiple colors of the real ones?

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I did get a lemon one and just left it in the bag to expose just the tiniest bit.

I do miss not being so sensitive to scents.


That was really nice of you.


Ooh, I can’t wait to see the installation!

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Thanks, friends!

Can’t wait to see how he uses them!

How awesome! Scent free for the win.

Thanks, ladies!

:tada: :tada: Congratulations! This adorable little rainbow forest is a featured Project! :tada: :tada: :rainbow:

Awwww, thank you!

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So fun! I hope they do get used and we get to see pics of the installation.


Cool notion! And so nice of you to help out. I’m also hoping we get to see the end result. And a paper bunting made with these could be a great addition to the garage sale! Or felt. Or canvas. Or made from soda cans. I could go on but ….

Thanks, friends!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

These are so cute, and I love that they come without the nasty piney smell.

I have to say, though, that I also like the look of them stacked up together like that. If you glued them together it would look really cute hanging in your car. No strong smell + PRIDE vibes!

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