CONGRATS Shaker Card

One of my oldest friends is having his first gallery show of his Weird Sports photography.

There is an interactive installation component around a photo of an “outhouse race” that involves an faux outhouse photo booth situation - hence choosing the toilet paper print cardstock, which funnily enough I had in my stash.


There’s a secondary rainbow theme with decorating/"vandalizing’ the faux outhouse, which was perfect for including the rainbow “confetti” in the shaker. There are also GITD starts in there! And the background is a woodgrain texture to echo the outhouse’s construction.

I stamped an exclamatory sentiment on the inside.

I’ll get to deliver it in person, as I will be visiting my hometown area for the opening night/First Thursday event. Woohoo!

Self-critique: Because I used dies to cut the letters and wanted the “CONGRATS” to be on two equal lines, the word broke up oddly. It looks a little like GONG RATS! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Then the brain corrects it to CONG RATS. Finally, “ohhhhhh. CONGRATS”! Not ideal, but… there’s obviously love and other attention-to-detail aspects in it.


Gong rats… :sweat_smile:

This is seriously cool. I love your shaker cards, and I’m sure your friend will be thrilled!

The toilet paper paper is cracking me up. :wink:

This is so perfect!

I think Gong Rats is perfect for the occasion of Weird Sports… :rofl:

Awww, thanks everyone!

So, so fun! Love the it glows and has the TP rolls on it. Your friend will love it! (I did not see “Gong Rats”.)

…I also saw marshmallows and not TP! ha

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Aw, thanks!

@AIMR Do not use the marshmallows in the outhouse!


So fun and personalized! Kind of your trademark? I feel like I say that for all your projects, haha. Love it!

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Awww, thank you! You’re always supportive!

I totally thought it was Gong Rats, to go with the theme. Because…
" “Gong” was Old English for both the fecal matter and medieval toilet repository, itself. Gong farmers were to work only at night. They emptied a castle’s collective cesspit every two years, but also accepted payment for individual privies, as well. They toiled for two shillings per ton — centuries before indoor plumbing arrived."


lol point

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Bahahahaaaa! Oh, dear!

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I figured you would handle this info with interest instead of mortification, or I wouldn’t have mentioned it…

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