A robot, a paw, and a strawberry magnets

I crafted three magnets for Kwality570 in the recent magnet swap.

The robot is a block-and-hardware robot that I saw on a pinterest post. My friend found the wood blocks, my son painted the base coat and I finished them. The hardware was found at an antique store. These blocks were super dense! I managed to make a few dents into the wood, then had to secure the hardware in place with E6000. Lastly, I added two magnets on the back.

The paw is made from many, many layers of UV resin. It was trial and error. I have another paw that is “finished”, but looks like crap as I tried different techniques. This one has some neon powder in it as well as some tiny glitter-esque star pieces. The paw actually starts in the mold from the toe beans first. I let it cure overnight, even though UV resin doesn’t really need to do that. I filed the sharp edges and added three magnets on the back.

The cute strawberry is needlefelted. My husband helped me with shaping this by giving comments if it needed to be wider or longer. It originally was oval like a grape tomato. I didn’t want to add the seeds to it for a few reasons: I thought it would detract from the face and adding tiny bits of yellow would mush into the red and be lost. I changed the green top to a little bow to emphasize the cute factor. There is one magnet on the back. I like to thank my past self for keeping all of my needlefelting supplies together in one bag.

I also included in the package two vintage ladybug magnets that I found at the antique store. Serendipitous!

Thank you for viewing.


That made me laugh. All three are fantastic. I love that the robot and strawberry had some family help as well. Resin intimidates me so I’m super impressed with your dog paw!


These are all cute. I love the part about thanking your past self. My past-self and I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to organization.
The robot is absolutely adorable. And I agree about the seeds taking away from the strawberries face. Good choice. Love the colors of the paw! It’s so vibrant!


Each one is it’s own kind of super cute!

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I love this set of magnets! The robot is my fave, but they are all great.


So much imagination here! These are all super cute!

I get a kick out of you thanking your past self. Lol!!

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That robot is fantastic! What are the yellow circles?

I am always fascinated by the things that can be done with resin. A little sparkly paw!

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The yellow circles are thin wooden circles that I bought in a pack from Michaels then painted.

UV resin is fun because you get fast results, but at the same time you have to be patient if you’re building up layers for a large piece. It’s also a little bit messy and I’m still not sure what to do with the water that I’m using to clean the extra little plastic bits. It was suggested to put it in a container with a lid then put it in the trash instead of in the toilet.

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These are so fun–a definite inspiration for a future project! Thanks for sharing!

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Ooo yay! If you make something, share it!


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