A Sea Captain and His Wife. A Love Story

I embroidered this for @endymion in the Go Bananas swap. As I stitched the happy couple up, I listened to a few sea shanties and came up with this story.

There once was a sailor who was a very good at being a sailor but not good at growing a beard. He was constantly made fun of by other sailors. His crafty wife noticed how sad this made him. One day his she knitted him a handsome beard out of the finest wool. Not only did it keep his face warm but the color reminded him of the sea which he loved. Once again other sailors made fun of him until they realized how warm the sailor was and how his face was free of wind burn. It was baby smooth! The sailors now wanted a knitted bead of their very own. They paid the wife lots of money to make beards for them. She made a small fortune. The sailor could retire with the money that was made, but the wife refused to let him; for she knew he loved the sea and truth be told, she loved to hear of his adventures and the gifts he brought her from other lands.

Close up!


Lovely embroidery and such a cute story!!

All those wobble outlines and their hair and the texture of the garments are awesome!
Did you make up that cute story? You are so adorkable :smile:

Thanks! I did make up the story. I was giggling the entire time-imagining big burly sailors with rainbow beards.


This totally made my day.

Oh, the story is wonderful! I’m going to print it out and fasten it to the backs of the hoops.

Thanks again, so much!!!

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Haha…This is fantastic. Love these portraits and their story! :laughing:

I really love the border detail on both hoops, too!

Lovely story and lovely embroidery!

How adorable are these?! Love them and the story.

I’m humming along now! Excellent stitchery!!

I love how the border on the sailor’s hoop looks like waves. And ALL the stitches on both hoops are so perfect, they truly are works of art.

These are amazing! And, I love how the pattern in her hair and his beard match.

wonderful story…I know you enjoyed making these as you were singing and thinking of your story…

I love these! THeya re SO CUTE!