A series of collages

I made several collages on cradle board using my vast supply of painted papers.

4”x4” boards

6”x6” boards


I love all of these! I really like the golden one. It reminds me of sunflowers.

You know I’m always a fan. Wonderful

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These are gorgeous!! You’re really making the most of the beauty and visual interest of these papers with your compositions. I think I like the first blue + green one best, but they are all fabulous!

I love them individually, but I can also imagine they would look amazing hung as a collection too.

So varied and vibrant, like a bouquet of square flowers. :grin:

These are great. I had started some similar a while back and found them when I was packing to move. You’ve inspired me to get them back out when I unpack and finish them up.

What are you planning to do with them? Hang them together in your house? (curious to get some more ideas from you! Ha!)

I honestly don’t know. I just felt like making them. It’s possible a few might show up in the STS this fall.

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I think a little series of three hanging together would be cute. Either vertical or horizontal.

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Agreed. I love that green and pink one especially!