A Spirit Doll of Peace

I was asked for a donation for a fundraiser and choose a spirit doll. Each doll is a unique experience. I pick a theme like Peace, Air, the seasons, a word, and then dive in. I gather found sticks bundle them into a vaguely human shape. I usually end up with a pile of discards, go out in the neighborhood for just the right stick, then come back and do it all over again.

I wrap with batting, then strips of scrap fabric to form a womanly shape. I often tuck strips of paper with words of love and peace in with the fabric wraps. No one sees them but me.

For this doll, I wrapped with several shades of natural colored linen strips, then added silk strips. I use pins to anchor things as I wrap, but then tack down any loose ends with thread. The final layer was various kinds of decorative yarn. I craft a skirt of more strips and wrap around her hips.

Her shawl/wrap is a piece of vintage table runner with lace or tatted insets. It’s anchored on her hip with found jewelry bits, more yarn, and beads.

Her head is polymer clay with holes on the side to tie her to the sticks as well as give a place to add yarn embellishments and beads. I made a mold of her face for future dolls. There’s several layers of paint on her face.

Each step is an exploration of fabrics, colors, yarn, beads, jewelry parts. What does she need, what is she asking for? And then the fun part is if I meet her new owner. These dolls really reach out and attach themselves to people’s souls.

And some project pics


I can tell that this is a project that evolves and becomes what she wants to be…you are just the hands that put things in the right spot…

It really is lovely and the small details are amazing…thanks for sharing your process…the little notes hidden inside really touched me…a secret that imbues energy into the doll…

Tell us how the auction goes…someone is meant to have her…


Everything is awesome but that shimmery pearly face is superb.

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Those inspirational words that you tuck inside are a fabulous touch to this spirit doll. She will be a blessing to whomever gets her. She is lovely.

I like the lace details and metallic face! Thank you for sharing the process as well. I really like that you incorporate things and good vibes in the wrap even if no one else will see them!

She’s amazing! It looks like she has a majestic crown of branches around her headdress. Thanks for the insight into your process, it really ads to the work knowing the intentions with which you infused her.

Ooooh she’s so cool.!

Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of the making of this beautiful, unique spirit doll of peace.

This is such a wonderful project. I love how you allow it to come together. She will find the right home. and the recipient will feel it, too.

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I absolutely love this.

I forgot to mention that she is about 22-24 inches tall from head to toe, depending on which leg you pick. And at least 30 inches with her crown of twigs. She’s the largest I’ve done so far, I figured we needed lots of peace in our lives.

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